SRC Health Restore Incontinence and Prolapse Compression Support Shorts

SRC Health Restore Incontinence and Prolapse Compression Support Shorts

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  • Premium compression and support for stage 1/2 stress urinary incontinence & stage 1 uterine or bladder prolapse
  • Patented anatomical support panels work to stabilise the pelvis & prevent leaks.
  • Gives perineum compression to stimulate proprioceptive feedback to pelvic muscles 
  • Activates & strengthens pelvic floor muscles, 70% of women recorded an improvement in  incontinence 
  • Sweat wicking, breathable fabric for maximum comfort whether day or night

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SRC Restore Incontinence and Prolapse Compression Support Shorts have been expertly designed to treat Stage 1 and 2 stress urinary incontinence, as well as stage 1 uterine or bladder prolapse (cystocele). They may also reduce the chance of those suffering with stress urinary incontinence developing pelvic organ prolapse in the future.

Expertly engineered to target the cause rather than the symptoms, this clever compression underwear activates the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them for long lasting results. In fact, 70% of women surveyed recorded an improvement in their urinary incontinence score. A recent study (Okayana et. Al, 2019) determined that wearing supportive underwear was almost as effective at decreasing urinary incontinence symptoms as pelvic floor muscle training. In addition, using shaper underwear was also shown to be effective in elevating the neck of the bladder to reduce the symptoms and occurrence of stress incontinence.

Patented anatomical support panels work to fully stabilise the pelvis, while the soft waist is narrow and non-restrictive, ensuring that these compression pants are completely comfortable to wear. If you are managing prolapse SRC is an essential support to keep you active and enjoying life.

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Best purchase ever
Review by Almas K (Review direct from SRC Health website)
The shorts not only helped relieve the pain in my pelvic but helped to make it stronger. The fatigue and the tiredness are totally gone and I am super active all day … absolutely love this product along with src pregnancy and recovery shorts
Product Rating
Superb product
Review by Rose A (Direct from SRC website AUS)
My consultant surgeon recommended these after a pelvic repair surgery for prolapse. I have suffered with prolapse for more than 7 years and no one here (in Ireland ) had even heard of src or similar products. I cannot recommend them enough, have already recommended them to friends who are after their babies and recommended other products to my pregnant friends. I have described the feeling of wearing the shorts similar to someone walking around with you and pushing up your tummy. Since wearing the shorts I have no heavy or dragging feelings. I have even had a period and it has been the first period where I didn’t feel I need to sit down all day! I can move around again like I would all day long like a Duracell bunny , like a woman who never carried a baby! I’m like new! Thank you!!
Product Rating
Review by Adrienne P (Direct from SRC website AUS)
The mini shorts have restored my confidence. Very comfortable. Feel like a new woman. Wish I’d known about these a long time ago. Given me back my freedom and ability to enjoy exercise again. I will spread the word to my friends.
Product Rating
Such a Relief!
Review by Heather (Direct from SRC website AUS)
I am 68 and have been wearing the Restore shorts for Pelvic Organ prolapse for the past 16 months and have found them to be comfortable, supportive and very hard wearing. I had two pair which I have worn alternatively every day and have only just replaced them with another 2 pair. These shorts allow me to work, exercise and play with my grandchildren confidently. They are thin enough and short enough to wear under my skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans. I wouldn’t be without them. Money well spent.
Product Rating
Postpartum recovery after 3rd baby
Review by Desiree R (Direct from SRC website AUS)
I have had a cystocele prolapse since my 1st child. I just had my 3rd and needed some additional support in these first few weeks before I’m able to go to my pelvic floor therapist again. These are wonderful and make me feel supported in my abdomen & my pelvic floor without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. Very pleased with these.
Product Rating
Game changer …
Review by Ruth J (Direct from SRC website AUS)
I first reviewed these shorts six weeks ago when I bought my first pair and the intervening time has only reaffirmed my view from back then - these shorts are a game changer (I have since bought more). For women of any age prolapse and continence problems can be soul destroying- it would dominate my life if I let it. More surgery isn’t the answer and I have found that for me, daily pelvic floor exercises along with these shorts are making a huge difference. The fabric ‘breathes’ really well and so I wear them as underwear. My mother battled prolapse issues for so much of her life - she would have loved these shorts. I highly recommend them.
Product Rating
More then what I expected
Review by Jessie (Direct from SRC website AUS)
I was absolutely devastated with the symptoms I experienced from my prolapses following my first vaginal childbirth. My pelvic floor physiotherapist recommended these and I ordered them not knowing what to expect. I did the measurements and ended up ordering a small at 37 measurement and found them to be slightly too big for me on the waist and legs ( personally like a bit of tighter fit). So I actually sent them back and re ordered a xs and they are perfect, been wearing them everyday since. I actually just ordered another set so I can wear them day and night. I have an anterior ( bladder prolapse) and posterior (rectocele) prolapse that have been so symptomatic with nerve damage that it’s been hard to function and do basic activities of daily living. These help me feel like I’m getting the support I need to walk around and take care of my baby and do some stuff around the house.
Product Rating
So happy I found these. Amazing.
Review by Ruth J (From the SRC Website AUS)
I had a hysterectomy, anterior and posterior repair 18 years ago (I’m 71). Now gravity has taken over and the repair is not working as it should. I was becoming really distressed about what to do, pelvic floor exercises alone were not going to fix the problem - and then I saw an ad for these absolutely amazing underwear/shorts. I have only been wearing them for a week but they are making so much difference and I’m so very grateful.
Product Rating
SRC Restore Support Garment-Uterine Prolapse & Continence Treatment -This garment definitely helps
Review by Irene B (From the SRC Website in AUS)
I am 83 years old. A few months ago I had a stage 4 prolapse so had surgery to close the vagina. When the stitches dissolved 6 weeks later, the prolapse returned. Although not as severe as before, my bladder is still protruding for a few centimetres. My insides still need further healing so although the support garment doesn't claim to help stage 3 prolapse I didn't know what else to do but to try it. Of course it is not going to reverse it but I really do feel more secure wearing it and find I can stay on my feet to do chores for much longer than I would otherwise be able to do. I may need more surgery in future but for now I am happy with my purchase as it has improved my life and given me more freedom.
Product Rating
Can’t live without it!
Review by Dianne C (Review direct from SRC Health website)
This garment is so amazing! I have a severe prolapse and really can’t walk or stand for long hours which gives me depression after giving birth… but this garment help me get back on my feet! I can now do my chores, walk for hours without worries. I can’t start my day without wearing this. I highly recommend this garment!

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