Meet The Perfect Love Island Couple

Love island fever is heating up the nation as millions of us are waiting patiently for this year’s line-up to be confirmed. What has seemed like an eternity since our last Love Island fix now stands at just a few weeks.

And we’ve got something that will really send pulses racing…

We’ve looked at the star signs for all current 2021 contestants to assess their compatibility. The results are in:

Love Island Star Sign Compatibility

According to our research, original couple and fellow Gemini’s Brad and Faye have what it takes to go the distance. Libra Aaron could be a temptation for Faye though, as another compatible match.

Toby, on the other hand, could be a perfect match with current couple Kaz or with Sharon or Shannon.

Meet The Perfect Finalists

We’ve also analysed finalists from all six seasons of Love Island to find what makes that perfect male and female contestant.

Meet Josh…

Love Island Winning Male Formula

Appropriately named (shoutout to Josh Ritchie and Josh Denzel), this 24 year-old hunk from Essex is the product of morphing all male finalists together. He’s a professional footballer (no surprise there) and interestingly set to enter in week two.

In terms of the current line-up, Josh seems to share the most characteristics with Toby. Although Toby is an original contestant not a week two contestant.

Are you ready for another one…?

Love Island Winning Female Formula


Sexy singleton Jess is a 23 year-old model from London. Like Josh, she is also set to enter in week 2.No current female contestant shares similar characteristics to Jess, meaning we may have to wait for her.

But it’s not all about your personal life and appearance that gets you to the final. It’s all about how hard you graft and how well you play the game. We’ve looked at the tactics of all finalists to spot any trends season to season:


  • On average, both men and women need to have two on-screen partners. Anymore and it could risk your chance at making it to the finish line (Amber the clear exception).
  • Finalist women can couple up with more than partners than men though. In total the finalist girls coupled up with 56 boys during their time. While the guys coupled up with just 49 girls.
  • Couples will need to survive at least three recouplings together or spend at least four weeks in the villa together (*cough* Amber the exception again)


On the outside there are no time for games though and it seems that if you make it to the final you could end up spending 64 weeks with them.

If you get really lucky though, you could be in it for the long haul. Who knows maybe it could be Josh and Jess’ turn in 2021?

If these stats are anything to go by, it's going to be a long, hot summer!


Ages, hometowns & jobs

Coupling up ceremonies & partners

Birthdays & star signs

Length of time together after the show

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