Looking to enhance the efficacy of your pelvic floor exercises? Incorporating arm weights can fast-track your muscle strengthening journey!

If your pleasure levels in the bedroom are on a downhill slope, and you notice little leaks here and there, you’ll be left wondering how can you fix everything? These are warning signs that you are suffering from weak pelvic floor muscles.

Recently, the popular magazine, Health & Wellbeing, detailed the importance of reducing your risk of incontinence, boosting core strength, and improving your sex life through pelvic floor exercises.

The four easy moves that the article details come from a collaboration between Kegel8 and physiotherapist, Amanda Savage. These include ‘The Knack’, ‘The Squat’, ‘Abdominal Exercises’, and ‘Using Arm Weights’.

The article also recommends the Kegel8 YouTube Channel to learn more about the importance of the pelvic floor and how to strengthen it:

Want to Learn More? You can see Amanda teach Stephanie Taylor, founder of Kegel8, these techniques on the Kegel8 YouTube channel.

You can also try using Kegel8’s best-selling electronic pelvic toner to accurately and efficiently tone your pelvic floor muscles, without the need for manual exercises.

Read the full story by following the link below:

4 Easy Moves To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor.

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