How Can Kegel Exercises Help When Running?

How Can Kegel Exercises Help When Running?

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise. In fact, 10.5 million people in Britain choose to exercise by running.

But when your fitness regime is compromised by a pelvic floor disorder such as stress urinary incontinence, it can become difficult to maintain motivation.

In the Winter edition of Women's Running, physiotherapist, Emma Brockwell, highlighted how prevention is better than cure, especially in terms of exercising your pelvic floor using devices such as Kegel8 electronic toners.

Emma Brockwell

"It's best to start practising pelvic-floor exercises whilst sitting or lying down, progressing to standing as these get easier, advises Brockwell. 'To do them, squeeze and lift the muscles around your back and front passage and try to hold this contraction for 10 seconds before relaxing them for three to four seconds (this rest period is vital).

"'Repeat this 'squeeze and lift' up to 10 times. Next perform up to 10 fast reps, squeezing your front and back passage quickly, slowly releasing, waiting three or for seconds and then repeating. Aim to do a set of 10 10-seconds reps and 10 fast reps three times a day'.

"Gadgets such as [...] Kegel8 (available online) are also useful tools that can help improve your pelvic floor strength."

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17 December 2018
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