On World Menopause Day Kegel8 champions strong pelvic floor muscles and no embarrassing leaks

Taboos are being continuously broken down in today’s society. We have tackled mental health. We are tackling the #MeToo movement. But, one of the last-standing taboos that remain for women is the menopause.

On World Menopause Day (18th October), a Hull Daily Mail article featured Kegel8 Founder and Managing Director, Stephanie Taylor, and her mission to remove the taboo surrounding the menopause.

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Following the interview with Stephanie Taylor, the article details that Kegel8 are “supporting #PostivePause because it’s time women were empowered to take control of their pelvic floor health.

“The #MeToo campaign has enabled more women to take control, and #PostivePause is a way of getting together for other professionals and promoting the types of symptoms out there so women understand.

Kegel8 participated in the #PostivePause campaign in the run up to World Menopause Day in order to raise awareness of the menopause and how women can make their menopause a positive one.

Read the full story by following the link below:

Hull Businesswoman Speaks Out On Menopause – And Why It Isn’t A Taboo