Have you "gone off" sex? Doesn't feel the same any-more? Do you try to avoid having sex? If your pelvic floor is weak, sexual sensation will be reduced and your orgasms may even be a thing of the past. If you want to improve your libido there is not 'magic pill' for women, and who would want that?

We know that we respond differently to sex, and good sex for women starts in the brain. Sadly for many woman, lack of intimate sensation has a downward effect on libido. So if you want to improve your libido where should you start? Start at your pelvic floor! Your body is trying to tell you something - it needs strengthening, and boy, will you and your partner enjoy the 'side-effects' of a stronger pelvic floor!

Researchers tell us that if we have a strong pelvic floor squeeze we will have a strong orgasm. Life's stresses and strains may take their toll on the pelvic floor with childbirth, ageing and weight gain, but a few simple exercises will soon start to improve your libido. Not only will strengthening your pelvic floor improve your libido and sensation, it will also stop incontinence, prevent prolapse and keep you fit - both in the bedroom and out!

How can Kegel8 improve my libido?

Sensation in the pelvic area is about toned and strong muscles (pelvic floor) and good blood circulation. What's the number one tip Sexperts tell women? Take a hot bath. Why a hot bath? To get clean and feel fresh and ready for action? Nope - it's about the hot water stimulating circulation of blood in the pelvic area, so not only are you feeling 'clean and fresh' but your blood is already flowing around the pelvic area and clitoris engorging the flesh (similar to an erection in men) which leads to greater sensation - everything you need for stronger and better orgasms. By strengthening and toning the muscles of the pelvic floor, Kegel8 Electronic pelvic exercise machines encourage greater circulation and blood flow. Kegel8 Ultra 20features 3 programmes especially designed to help your intimate sensation, tighten your vaginal walls and give you stronger orgasms. A strong pelvic floor also means that strong muscles in your pelvic floor close tightly around your partner increasing sensation for you both ultimately creating that delicious orgasm-soaring friction that will amplify and magnify both your orgasms!

This is the 'side-effect' that everyone is talking about!

So whether you want to improve your libido, stop incontinence, or control your wind Kegel8 Pelvic Exercise Machines will help you get you where you want to be.