Kegel8 Vaginal Dilator Set

Kegel8 Vaginal Dilator Set

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  • Set of 5 graduated body-friendly wearable vaginal dilators with unique Kegel8 lubricant or medication delivery system. 
  • Created by women for women who understand the needs of those using dilator therapy.
  • Ergonomic style in soft and comfortable silicone, no hard plastic to potentially damage delicate tissue & cause vaginal fissure
  • Unique gel delivery system keep vaginal tissue supple and helps prevent vaginal stenosis following radiotherapy and surgery.
  • Set includes Kegel8 Dilator Gel and Dilator Cleaning Antibacterial Spray

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Choosing the right vaginal dilator will ensure that your dilator therapy is effective, trouble-free and you get great results so you can get on with living your life. Kegel8 has taken hundreds of customer reviews from over 20 years of dilator sales to ensure you can benefit from the latest advances in vaginal dilator therapy treatment. We chose soft, but 'firm-enough' body-safe silicone because hard plastic dilators are pretty unforgiving to a recovering or fragile vagina. Clinical evidence shows hard plastic dilators should not be used in some conditions for fear of damage resulting in vaginal fistula. By creating our dilator therapy set in soft, but firm silicone you'll get the most comfortable dilator treatment. Wearable, so if your dilator therapy needs to fit around the needs of a busy family you can multitask, and the dilator feels comfortable and your body relaxes and accepts the treatment easily. 

No one wants to have to use a dilator, but when you need to, choose the very best in safety, comfort and dependability with Kegel8.

Customer Reviews

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Good dilators
Review by Jill M
Good set of dilators. Took them to my Physio who thought they looked great. I like the fact I can use it comfortably not stabby like some of the styles. If anything I would have liked a smaller one but the size 1 was ok I think anything looks daunting to me. Chunky to use when holding so I don’t feel I will lose it. Have sat and rocked on it which was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you I hope this helps others JM
Product Rating
Biog – Alveston 04 - 26yo, vaginismus for 2 years.
Review by Alveston 04
I was asked to test the Kegel8 dilators in March 2023. I tested 2 styles. The first one was supplied in late Feb 2023 and I was given a 10 point feedback, it was good to use, comfortable but I thought the sizes were out for me. We were asked to give our feedback on the dilators, in its use, and how it felt, and whether we felt it was effective, but I did have some recommendations.
The 2nd set I used is the final set and I like this and found it very effective. I like the fact I can add lubricant as this helps relax me. I even wear the small dilator when I sleep, as this progression is very effective for me, previously my vagina would just lock up and tense up. The fact that they bend slightly and don’t hurt is a real plus for me, they are not rigid which was a barrier for me using them and would exacerbate my apprehension and fear of penetration. I have still only graduated up to the 2nd size in the set, but the progress (for me) has been slow but positive. I am delighted with the 2 smaller dilators and the fact I can wear a small dilator when I sleep helps, it helps minimise the anxiety I have around penetration. I wouldn’t wish Vaginismus on anyone, but I have learned more about my body and with the help of my physio and support of my husband-to-be I know I am making progress.

Biog – Alveston 04 - 26yo, vaginismus for 2 years. Engaged but we have not made love because he can’t penetrate me, I cannot use a tampon or allow any insertion, I’d love to use a menstrual cup but even if I inserted it, it would be too traumatic to remove it. Referred to physio in Derby and she is helping me with dilator therapy. I visit at the hospital, but the NHS dilator was hard and freaked me out. I bought this myself and it is easier to do this at home as I need privacy and I need to relax.

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