Must have advice for all women from Lara Eardley #PelvicMafia

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Today's top pelvic floor tip of the day comes from Lara Eardley of She is a pelvic floor strength instructor and her advice is a real must for all women...

Lara Eardley #PelvicMafiaLara Eardley gives us her top pelvic health tip for all women...

Lara Eardley knows the importance of the pelvic floor for overall wellbeing, and her top tip is: "Pelvic Floor Exercise is not only for sexual fitness and satisfaction, it also prevents and cures incontinence, (bladder weakness) and pelvic organ prolapse. What women need to realise is that a pad now is a nappy later and prevention is better than cure. But billion dollar incontinence pad making companies keep producing glamorous advertising campaigns to suggest that wetting yourself is a natural part of ageing when it isn’t." Biography: Lara Eardley is a pelvic floor strength instructor based in Australia, and was named the leader in her field by Womans Weekly Health Magazine in August 2012. Her treatments are based on a combination of knowledge about pelvic anatomy and ancient Chinese and Indian pelvic floor strengthening practices. She has taught hundreds of women over the last 6 years, getting great results for women with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual fitness issues. - @pelvicstrength lara eardley
21 August 2013
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