Want Easy Weight Loss and a Powerful Pelvic Floor? Vitamin D is the Answer!

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Want Easy Weight Loss and a Powerful Pelvic Floor? Vitamin D is the Answer!
By Kegel8 21 August 2013 57 Views
Now that the festivities are over you may be a bit sick of the wintery weather. It's not so appealing with no parties to look forward to! It's no wonder - in the UK none of us get enough sunshine in winter, leading to vitamin D deficiencies. Read on to find out how you can top up and enjoy three massive benefits! Vitamin D is known as 'the sunshine vitamin'. It's a 'steroid' vitamin, which encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous within your body. These substances are vital for most of your body's most important functions! Unfortunately, a recent report in the British Medical Journal stated this:
“More than 50% of the UK's adult population have insufficient vitamin D levels, and 16% have a severe deficiency during winter and spring.”

Why should I take a Vitamin D supplement?

Here are 3 good reasons - and they can all have a positive effect on your pelvic floor!

Diet and Weight Loss

If your Vitamin D levels are good your diet will be more successful than if you are deficient. What's more important is a recent trial they found that higher levels of this vitamin predicted a greater loss of abdominal fat. That's the hard-to-rid-of 'fat around the middle' that is detrimental to your pelvic floor and your health! The researchers also linked Vitamin D deficiency with obesity.

Period Pains

A group of 40 women suffering with period pain were given either a single dose of vitamin D five days before the start of their period or a placebo.  After 2 months the Vitamin D women reported that their pain scores had decreased by 41%! There was no pain decrease in the placebo group. The vitamin takers also noted they did not need anti-inflammatory drugs during their period. This is compared to 40% in the placebo group who needed medication at least once. What a great alternative to dangerous painkillers!

Pelvic Floor Disorders

Higher the Vitamin D levels result in lower rates of pelvic floor disorders

kegelThe National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 23% of the women surveyed with significantly lower than average levels reported at least one pelvic floor disorder and/or urinary incontinence, irrespective of their age. Surely pelvic floor problems can't be solved that easily? Researchers found that the likelihood of adult incontinence was significantly reduced in women aged 50 and older with vitamin D levels 30 ng/mL or higher. Health professionals recommend that any supplement be taken with care. Ideally you should test your Vitamin D levels first to see if you have a deficiency before using high doses. A good multivitamin with added Vitamin D could be the answer to helping your pelvic floor, diet and period pains! For an easy way to get your daily allowance, try SunVit-D3 1000IU Vitamin D3 Supplement. It's clinically proven - see the clinical evidence here (taken from PubMed): vitamin D Wow! Does that mean we don't have to Kegel for the rest of our lives? Not exactly; kegel exercises should be like brushing your teeth - something you do twice daily without fail! Your best chance of keeping a strong and healthy pelvic floor for life is to do both. Combine your daily vitamin tablet with a quick workout using your Kegel8 Ultra20 Electronic Pelvic Toner and you'll have nothing to worry about!

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