Dr Joanna Helcké is a leading pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, so her advice is a must for all women.Today's top pelvic floor tip is one for all new mums, and is great advice for pregnant women and mums-to-be too!

Dr Joanna Helcké tells us her top pregnancy & postnatal pelvic floor tip.

“Calling all new mums: once you’ve got yourself into a daily routine with your postnatal pelvic floor exercises and are 100% sure that you are doing them correctly – easier said than done! – just make sure that you don’t go and undo all the good work by taking up the wrong sort of exercise. The pelvic floor has had a tough time in pregnancy, what with a growing baby bearing downwards, the effects of the hormone relaxin and, of course, labour and birth. If you start doing high impact exercise – yes, that includes jogging, running, high impact aerobics, jumping, skipping and, worst of all, trampolining – you are likely to damage your pelvic floor. In fact any exercise which makes you want to cross your legs and dash to the loo is adversely affecting your pelvic floor muscles. So stick to low impact exercise for at least 6 months postpartum – you heard right, 6 months – and your pelvic floor will thank you, because a damaged pelvic floor will make you feel about 100 years old.”

About Dr Joanna Helcké

“Joanna Helcké is a pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, juggling career alongside looking after her three lively boys. Her passion for enabling new and expectant mothers to experience the incredible benefits of pregnancy and postnatal exercise, has led her to develop an innovative nationwide specialist pregnancy and postnatal fitness and wellbeing system, which is accessible to women, wherever they live and whatever their previous fitness experience. She is currently hard at work on this incredibly exciting project and eagerly awaits its launch on September 12th 2013. Joanna is a regular contributor to the national media, providing expert pregnancy and postnatal fitness comment for magazines such as Pregnancy and Birth, Mother and Baby, and Practical Parenting.” www.joannahelcke.com - @drjoannahelcke

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