Today's top pelvic floor tip comes from author and prolapse sufferer Piper Newton - she offers her advice on prolapse treatment and finding a healthy balance.

Piper Newton offers her top tip for living with and treating prolapse

piper newton "Experiment with your body! It takes time to adjust and heal when trying new treatments. Give yourself weeks or even months before you decide something is not working. If you do determine something is not helping, don’t be discouraged. Try something else. Perhaps you need to add a supplement, exercise or complimentary therapy to make the treatment more effective. Or maybe the timing is simply wrong and at another place in your healing journey the therapy will provide benefits. Living with prolapse is about finding balance. Keep playing, it is possible to find a healthy, happy balance!" piper newton Bio: Piper Newton is an author based in Canada. Piper’s first delivery resulted in her son coming out, followed by her uterus, bladder and even her rectum tried to make a bid for the bright lights. The birth also left her with scarring, muscle and nerve damage. It took time but she eventually found a healthy balance caring for her body and prolapses. Eight years later, she is now a healthy, active mum who loves to run. She has penned a novel sharing her journey with birth trauma and prolapse, And Then My Uterus Fell Out, will be published Autumn 2013. @prnewtonwrites - piper newton