Corsets are sexy, sure they are. What better way to instantly lose inches off your waist, simultaneously enhance your breasts and straighten up your posture. They've been around for ages and they're here to stay.

We are already aware of the advantages to wearing that super sexy corset but do you also know about all of the disadvantages? Especially to your pelvic floor!

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Starting the very next day after corsets were invented, health problems were already popping up. Fainting was commonplace, and it would if you couldn't take in a full breath as you breathe. Deformities of the stomach and liver were noticed; floating ribs were bending in unnatural directions and let's not forget organ displacement!

There's also the added pressure of the internal organs bearing down on the pelvic floor muscles. Think about it, all that pressure needs to go somewhere so it follows the direction of the least resistance, namely your pelvic floor!

We already put our pelvic floor or 'Kegel' muscles under constant strain every time we run, jump, laugh, sneeze or cough. Why do we add to the problem with ill-fitting waist cinchers?

You Don't Have to Stop Wearing Corsets!

It may sound like we're being all anti-corset here but nothing could be farther from the truth! What's sexier than Dita Von Teese wearing a corset and performing one of her signature shows? Choose quality corsets which also support your lower abdomen or choose much more comfortable 'fashion corset tops'. These fashion corsets aren't meant to be worn as tight as their more expensive counterparts but still give an appealing look and shape.

Most importantly of course would be to really work on your pelvic floor exercises.

Kegel exercises will help keep your pelvic floor fit and resist the strain of your internal organs. A weakened pelvic floor will only lead to stress incontinence or urinary incontinence and there's nothing sexy about that!