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Discover more about your pelvic floor, bladder weakness, prolapse and our range of medically-approved pelvic toners, manual pelvic floor exercisers, vaginal weights & cones in our informative articles.

Bladder Weakness

Bladder weakness is a problem that affects men and women of all ages. A strong pelvic floor is key to better bladder control for men and women alike.

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Dribbles, leaks, it's all incontinence. Find our more about the different types of incontinence and learn how to banish panty liners forever with a Kegel8 pelvic toner.

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Pelvic Floor Exercise

Pelvic floor exercise, or Kegel exercise should be part of everyone's exercise routine. Discover the importance of a strong pelvic floor and how a Kegel8 pelvic toner can help.

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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can be devastating. Read more about the different kinds of prolapse including rectocele, cystocele, uterine prolapse and more. Kegels can help.

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Sexual Intimacy

A strong pelvic floor is an important part of a fulfilling love life. Strengthen your pelvic floor for greater intimate sensation and stronger orgasms!

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Pelvic Surgery

Surgery for prolapse, fibroid surgery and hysterectomy are sometimes a necessary to correct long-standing health conditions. Find out more about pelvic surgery and how pelvic floor exercise with a Kegel8 pelvic toner can help.

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Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain and pelvic tightness can be linked to a number of different conditions. Take control of your pelvic pain and enjoy living your life again.

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Pelvic Floor & Pregnancy

Regular pelvic floor exercise can make conception easier, reduce the risk of leaks during pregnancy and long-term damage after childbirth, and even ease labour, giving you more control and reducing the risk of your baby becoming distressed.

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Kegels For Men

You've probably heard of pelvic floor exercise, or Kegel exercise, used by women to tighten up their pelvic floor after childbirth, or in cases of incontinence. But did you know that they can help men with a whole range of health issues too?

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At Kegel8 we pride ourselves on our customer service. We're not only here to assist you with your purchase but to help in any way we can once you receive your Kegel8. We know pelvic health and we're here to help...

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