Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner

88% of 100
  1. Digital and electronic pelvic toner with 12 comprehensive pelvic floor exercise & relaxation programmes
  2. Tackles all pelvic floor problems with emphasis on sensation improvement on the unique 'Vitality' setting
  3. Clinically proven for urine & bowel incontinence, weakness, pain relief, strengthening & intimate sensation
  4. Includes best-selling Pelviline internal probe for comfortable targeted exercise
  5. Proven 12 week programme to help strengthen and improve your pelvic floor muscles privately, at home.
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2 year warranty

Just think about the pressure that your pelvic floor endures day after day. Hidden away out of sight it is responsible for helping you control your bladder and bowel, keeping all your pelvic organs supported and in place where nature intended them to be, and your level of sexual sensation.

Why your pelvic floor deserves a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Pelvic Toner

So here's the deal, on an average day, with an average body weight your 'ignored' pelvic floor muscles support 20 lbs or 9 kg of pelvic organs.

Your pelvic floor muscles need frequent exercise to keep them toned and strong - we're not telling you anything you don't already know, because you know how your pelvic floor 'feels'...but here are the signs of a weak pelvic floor and the benefits of a strong 'kegel8' pelvic floor:

Weak Pelvic Floor

Weak pelvic floor muscles - Kegel8 can help
  • Leaking urine
  • Wind you can't stop
  • Straining & constipation
  • Tampons won't stay in
  • Love life lacks that zing
  • Back and hips ache
  • Fat tummy & weak 'core'

Strong Pelvic Floor

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles - Kegel8
  • No leaks – ever. Confident control
  • No embarrassing leaks of wind, wee or poo
  • Easier elimination
  • Strong muscles keep tampons in place
  • Stronger orgasms and sensation for you both
  • Strong core, no aches
  • Flat tummy and strong 'core'

What makes the muscles of your pelvic floor weak?

Your pelvic floor stretches to twice its normal size during pregnancy as it holds the extra weight of baby and your extra body weight.

Age based weight gain
It's not inevitable that we pack on the pounds, but many of us do, this weakens those 'overloaded' pelvic floor muscles.

Falling in love
Have you heard of the 'stone of contentment'? 2/3 of couples put on 14lb after getting into a relationship. That's even more pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

With reduced oestrogen levels skin and muscles lose elasticity, menopause also reduces muscle mass - so pelvic floor muscles get weaker.

Constipation and straining
All that puts downward pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

High Impact Exercise
Running? Lifting weights? What about your pelvic floor? It will be taking all that strain and this might show in leaks. If you don't feel a weakness now, you will soon.

You've lost that loving feeling

You know if sex doesn't feel the same anymore, you also know if you are avoiding intimacy with your husband or partner.

If your pelvic floor is weak, sexual sensation will be reduced and your orgasms may even be a thing of the past. Have you ever stopped to wonder why the love-of-your-life who used to have you gasping for more just doesn't do it for you anymore?

If you've lost a grip on your love-life then so will your partner. If you suffer stress incontinence (light bladder weakness, or sensitive bladder if that sounds acceptable and 'nicer') you've also got those un-sexy leaks to contend with too. In a recent Swedish study women sufferers shared their experiences:

of women said their "wee" problems impaired their sex life.

of women said they had difficulty reaching orgasm.

of women worried about leaking during lovemaking.
  • 43% of women said their "wee" problems impaired their sex life.
  • 27% of women said they had difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • 49% of women worried about leaking during lovemaking.
Kegel8 Review in The Sunday Times
"...a weak pelvic floor means less sensation for both parties. Women get bored; men get restless. relationships lose potency in direct proportion to pelvic floor atrophy."

- John Warlock, The Sunday Times

How can something so easy be so difficult then?

Pelvic floor exercises are simple yet millions of women in the UK have a weak pelvic floor, so what's happening? Why are women putting up with leaks and lack of pleasure?

It's part of being older, being a mum, menopause etc...

No it's not! Wetting yourself, resigning yourself to elusive orgasms and a lacklustre love life is not inevitable.

You deserve it, your pelvic floor deserves it and your partner deserves it too!

I can't feel or find the pelvic floor muscles...

If you can't "feel" your muscles they are weak - stop kidding yourself and do something about it! Kegel8 is a SatNav for your pelvic floor muscles, it finds them, it exercises them, effortlessly.

The exercises don't work...

Clinically proven they do work, it's just you need to do the 12 week programme, not give up after 2 days! You can do it!

How does a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality work?

Manual exercises will target just 40% of your pelvic floor muscles, whereas the Kegel8 Vitality will get 90% of the muscles moving!

If you are going to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor, do it with Kegel8. This fabulous little pelvic power-pack has 12 pre-set programmes and via the vaginal sensor electrical pulses will trigger weak pelvic floor muscles to contract. Throughout the programme the pelvic floor muscles contract and relax automatically - but with 90% more efficiency remember!

When the timed programme is complete it will switch off automatically. We recommend you do these exercises once or twice a day for 12 weeks. You'll be amazed at the difference. Promise.

40% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Manual
90% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Kegel8
Kegel8 Review in The Sunday Times
"...has the use of the electric probe improved my sex life? I've been assured by my husband that there has been a noticeable change..."

- Louise Parker, The Sunday Times

What do you get with a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality

Kegel8 Controller

Kegel8 Ultra Vitality

Containing 12 ready-to-go programmes, the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality is a perfect blend of exercises to strengthen and improve your pelvic floor in the privacy of your own home.

Pelviline Probe

Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Pelviline Probe

One of our best-selling vaginal probes, designed to target the pelvic floor muscles directly. If you prefer another shape or style of probe we feature lots of different styles within the Kegel8 range.


  • Sensation/Intimacy
    3 programmes designed to improve muscle tone and promote improved intimate sensation. Kegel8 Ultra Vitality will put the 'O' back into your orgasm.
  • Pelvic Floor Workout
    1 programme designed to target all the muscles within the pelvic floor to deliver a targeted and thorough work-out.
  • Bladder & Bowel Weakness/Incontinence
    6 programmes designed to address your needs. Don't ignore laughter leaks, treat them with one of these clinically proven programmes.
  • Pelvic Pain & Relaxation
    2 programmes to help with pain, but more importantly relaxation. Relaxing your pelvic floor after a Kegel8 workout will help you get the best results ever.


3 x Sensation/Intimacy
1 x Pelvic Floor Workout
6 x Bladder/Bowel Weakness/Incontinence
2 x Pelvic Pain Relief
2 x Customisable Programmes
Kegel8 Customer Services

Kegel8 Care Team

We're here on the helpline Monday to Friday 9 - 5 to help you select the programme that's best for you, or answer any questions that you might have.

Your pelvic floor can last you a life-time of laughter, loo visits and more importantly lust and love. So look after yourself with Kegel8 Ultra Vitality.

Medically Certified

To comply with UK legislation Kegel8 has to have a whole raft of medical certification and clinical programmes to back up its claims. Our certification complies with MHRA guidelines for medical devices and our UK manufacturing is monitored by SGS Limited. This is your guarantee that your Kegel8 pelvic toner is thoroughly tested and certificated to the highest standards here in the UK.

Kegel8 is Medically Certified

What you could save

Save money with Kegel8

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Ultra 20?


Guidelines recommend that you should check with your healthcare provider before using the Kegel8 Vitality if you have a pacemaker.


Please don't use this if you are pregnant, unless under medical supervision. You can soon get started after your six week check-up though!

Pelvic Cancer?

Please do not use, NMES stimulates cell growth in muscles and we do not know what affect this may have on cancerous cells.

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.

More Information
SKU 81740
Programmes 12 Pre-set programmes for pelvic strength and control | 2 Customisable
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
Can be used with Vaginal probe | Anal probe | Kegel8 Day Toner
Included Contents Ultra Controller | 9v battery | Pelviline probe | Instructions
Can Be Used With Biofeedback No
Certification CE | Grade IIa Medical Device | ISO9001-2000 | ISO13485-2003
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Extended Warranty Available
User Manual View and/or Download the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality User Manual
VAT Exemption No
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