Kegel8 Kegel Weights Exercise Set

Kegel8 Kegel Weights Exercise Set

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  • Our clinically proven kegel weights have a 70% success rate in improving stress incontinence within weeks in clinical trials. 
  • 3 progressive sizes and weights to use over time to reach your goals. Beat leaks, accidents and improve intimate sensation for you and your partner.
  • Patented indicator tail moves down when you are exercising the kegel muscles correctly - no other kegel exercise weights do this.
  • Our Pelvic Floor Muscle locator finds your pelvic floor muscles without inserting too high so you get results fast.
  • Using resistance training Kegel8 balls use isotonic exercise to strengthen pelvic floor muscles accurately & effectively
  • Medical Grade CE marked Class 1 is also available on NHS by prescription. Includes 12 week Kegel8 physiotherapist Beginners & Advanced kegel exercise plan for proven results

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Medical grade kegel weights

Clinical trials over 70% success in combatting leaks and strengthening pelvic floor muscles in 12 weeks.

Pelvic floor strengthening


Sensitive bladder and leaks


Perimenopause and menopause


What our customers say about the Kegel8 Kegel Weight Exercise Set

Surprisingly useful.
Surprisingly useful. When you do kegels using these cones, you feel "stronger" right after exercising. I didn't feel that without the cone. It also provides visual feedback that could be useful for those who are uncertain about the right movement. I was afraid that it will fall out, but it didn't. I am so pleased I can now feel my muscles and know what a proper kegel exercise and I can contract my muscles so I dont pee when I sneeze and laugh. 

Skinny mom

A great product for anyone struggling with pelvic health

I strongly recommend this product, perseverance is key but they certainly worked for me! Thank you Kegel8

Sarah Sharpley

Physio impressed
Have used these for 6 weeks now after being prescribed them by any physiotherapist. Yay I have the knack! I can wiggle the stem with aplomb, my pelvic floor muscles are dancing to a whole new tune. Definite improvement with my bladder control and haven't used a pad for a week now (double YAY!). I had previously used Aquaflex cones but seems I'd been inserting them too high and it just sort-of stayed there till the fishwife string broke. I find these easy to do in the shower in the morning, Physio impressed, I am too - BUT, not half as much as DB!


12 weeks later - and there's definitely a noticable improvement

I wasn't sure which way to turn to deal with my stress incontinence problem. After a lot of research I came across Kegel8 kegel weights and due to all the positive reviews decided to give them a go. At the half way stage I wasn't sure I was making much progress - until I developed a cold and realised that my muscles were actually stronger and I wasn't leaking when I coughed or sneezed! I've nearly completed the 12 week programme and I can say that the Kegel8 vaginal cones have definitely helped me. I now feel confident enough to not wear incontinence pads when I go for a run - although I still have the occasional 'almost' moment; and I don't feel quite ready to try the trampoline challenge, I am really pleased at the improvement that has been experienced in just 12 weeks. I must confess that at times it felt like a bit of a chore to have to do the exercises every day, but I'm glad that I persisted. I still have a way to go before I will feel like my pelvic floor is anywhere near like it was pre-baby, but I'm now on the right track and I'm just kicking myself that I didn't try Kegel8 a couple of years ago!

Anonymous mum

Very pleased
My doctor prescribed this set on prescription after a ball out of another manufacturers set came out of its cradle and got stuck inside. I have only just started using the set but it appears to be easy to undertand and work with. Also each cone has a long tail,and no detatchable cradle so no fear of being lost! I already have the electronic version, and am due to have a total hysterectomy shortly, so need all the help I can get to keep a healthy pelvic floor. Thank you so much Kegel 8!


I would recommend this to other women like me, but it is not easy and you have to master the technique.

Was recommended these by my Physio, they have helped me isolate the correct muscles and made me much more aware of how my muscles work, and more importantly have stopped the leaks. I have not worn a pad for 4 weeks now, which is amazing, but I knew I had to do something because I was having more and more accidents. I would recommend this to other women like me, but it is not easy and you have to master the technique. Jenny, 4 Children, 43 years.


How it works

  • Week 1

    With your sessions your toner will help you find your pelvic floor muscles

  • Week 4

    You'll start to feel a real difference. More control, less leaks, more confidence

  • Week 12

    Your pelvic floor is strong and you're living life without leaks and sudden urges!

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Rating
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    Definitely worth trying but need to stick at it.
    Review by Hope
    I am 68 and had been doing pelvic floor exercises, or so I thought, then purchased the cones. Have only had them for a week so still very early days. Could not get the tail to move when standing up and found that frustrating so tried lying down, propped up by my arms and yes the tail moved! So do persevere, it is not a quick fix.
    Will review after 12 weeks but feel confident that it will be a steady improvement.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    I do recommend as visual guidance defo helps
    Review by Hopefultrainer
    Ah what can i say my poor neglected pelvic floor muscles this just confirms that i may have been using wrong muscles as cant get tail to move and when i do it is minimal hoping with lots more practice i see improvements but not as of yet only been a week
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Review by Rose
    Haven't tried them yet, when I opened the box they appeared not to be very clean. There were dust fibres stuck to them and even some staining. I washed them but it does turn me off using them.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Review by Msp
    I would really like to try these as I suffer stress incontinence and recurring UTI’s but my doctor could not find them on the NHS. Would I be better to get them via a physiotherapist?
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    A waste of money
    Review by Bee
    I find the cones tiresome to use because it is impossible to wear normal underwear when cone inserted. Nor possible to wear jeans or tights. Apparently some women keep cone inserted when ‘out and about’. This restricts use of cones to staying inside at home - wearing only a loose garment for example and for very limited time. I can hold the cone in for a length of time - but this time is limited by going to work and having to be smartly dressed.
    Kegel cones are a waste of money for me and with hindsight I should have bought some other kind of cone with a pliable cord - not a tiresome stiff bent ‘arm’ for removal. VERY disappointing
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Vigninal cones
    Review by N C
    Could not cope with The cones maybe too old
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    No progress
    Review by Buzz
    After 3weeks I can’t see any progress with the cones. Should I be using them every day?
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Maybe not quite ready in my case!
    Review by Hannah
    To give some context: I'm 29 and my little one was born just over a year ago. He was posterior (and very big) so I was pushing for hours and hours before they realised (kept saying I couldn't be pushing already! Hah) then it was an emergency forceps delivery. Unsurprisingly I've ended up with a rectocele, cystocele and slight prolapsed uterus too. I saw a physio who gave me an electronic stimulation machine to use (basically the same as the ones on this site) and that was fantastic as it allowed me to regain some sensation in the muscles. She got me off the machine onto being able to do kegels manually. Now I'm discharged and she recommended the cones to continue toning up.

    It would appear my muscles still aren't quite ready for the cones as I can't make the indicator stick move at all! Or sometimes I do, but it goes sideways like a windscreen wiper. I believe this is because I have better control on the side without the episiotomy scar. I've found this quite disheartening so I would stress that if your muscles are completely shot altogether, you might want to consider another method until you are definitely getting enough control/feedback to make the cones usable! Sounds obvious but I was clearly just too excited to get using them.

    I can feel that once my muscles are in a fit state to move the stick that they'll be great at giving extra resistance, and helping to keep focus on the correct and targeted movement. I want to stress that I still really love the product! Just if you are a complete flop inside like me, you might find they're something to work towards!
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Review by Nix
    Very hard to isolate the right mucsles. Find myself simultaneously pressing my tongue into roof of mouth and sucking! Weird!
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Vaginal cones
    Review by D
    A lot harder than I thought. But very pleased with the progress
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    Frequently asked questions

    I have a prolapse – can I use Kegel Exercise Weights?

    No, this is contraindicated because a vaginal prolapse might make positioning the Kegel Exercise Weight difficult. We recommend you try an e-stim device like Kegel8 Ultra 20 v2, which has a specially designed 12-week programme and the patented Kegel8 prolapse-friendly internal probe.

    What is resistance exercise for the pelvic floor?

    Resistance training builds strength and that’s exactly what most pelvic floor muscles need. When pelvic floor muscles are strong they can support the pelvic organs, so the bladder and bowel function correctly and you and your partner get sexual enjoyment.  The pelvic floor is your body’s shock absorber, and these muscles need targeted exercises to keep them strong. Using Kegel Exercise Weights means your muscles must work and engage to retain the kegel weight. When you perform a kegel exercise and the wand indicator moves downwards it shows you are moving the correct muscles. Shockingly 1 in 3 women perform kegel exercises incorrectly, thats why this patented indicator wand is your key to achieving results fast.

    How can I tell I’m doing my Kegel exercises correctly?

    The patented Indicator Wand will show you instantly!  No other Kegel weight works as effectively as this. When the kegel weight is inserted just 2 inches inside the vagina, you perform a Kegel squeeze to stop it dropping out (contract your pelvic floor muscles and lift them) and you’ll see the Indicator Wand move down. It is vital you know you are performing pelvic floor exercises correctly to prevent damage, but more importantly get the best results. When a pelvic floor is weak, it's difficult to move the muscles quickly and effectively - ie to stop leaks and get better sexual sensation. This weighted exercise set has an over 70% success in stopping leaks and strengthening pelvic floor muscles, with kegel8 you know you are exercising properly.

    How soon will I feel the benefit?

    Clinical studies show cured or improved leaks within 6 weeks. Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercising can promote positive long-term effects on leaks, pelvic floor muscle strength and quality of life in post-menopausal women with stress incontinence.

    So, just 5 – 10 minutes of exercising every day and you’ll feel the benefit after a couple of weeks. Incidentally, many women report that their partners feel the difference before they do. There’s a Kegel Plan for slow Kegel exercises (endurance, holding on), fast Kegel exercises (quick action needed when sneezing & coughing) and one for advanced Kegel Exercise Weight users too.

    Why are these Kegel Weights different weights?

    This 3-stage pelvic floor muscle strengthening system offers 3 sizes and 3 weights (24g, 37g, 48g) clinically proven to strengthen and reduce leaks and incontinence.  The kegel weights work in two ways – your muscle contracts around the Kegel Weight to stop it dropping out, and the muscles have something to squeeze against as you perform a ‘perfect Kegel’ to move the Indicator Wand downwards. You don’t need heavier weights than these as pelvic floor muscles can fatigue very quickly. Our Kegel Weight Exercise Set is a registered medical device, available on NHS prescription and made in the UK from a hypoallergenic body friendly material.

    Are these like Ben Wa Balls?

    Novelty Ben Wa Balls and Kegel Balls on a long string are novelty items usually inserted too high to be of any benefit. Often made from unsafe materials, they are not medical products therefore cannot make any claims to be so. If it’s not a medical device, please don’t put them anywhere near your body, and if it states 'sold as a novelty only' you know they are not medical devices. Our patented indicator wand ensures you dont place the weight too high in the vagina and if you do, the wand wont move down. If you are looking for a Doctor-recommended, clinically proven device then Kegel8 Weights are the only patented medical device currently available in the UK.


    Help, the Kegel exercise weight drops out?

    Pelvic floor muscles are approximately 2 inches inside the vagina. Each Kegel Exercise weight is designed to sit in the middle of the pelvic floor muscles. You’ll use resistance exercise to contract against the Kegel weight to hold it in place and squeeze against it. If the Kegel weight falls out, make sure you are using the lightest largest, lightest Kegel weight and start the exercises lying down instead of standing up. 

    Everyone must start somewhere so don’t be disillusioned – you will soon regain control of the Kegel weight and your bladder too.