Comparing Kegel8 Vaginal Cones to the Elvie Trainer

Practicing your pelvic floor exercises, although essential, can be a mundane and easy to forget task. Despite the importance of maintaining and improving a strong pelvic floor, it can be easy to lose motivation for the vital exercises. Pelvic floor muscle training is used as a preventative measure against a number of pelvic floor disorders, most notably, incontinence.

Stress urinary incontinence (leakage of urine under sudden pressure) is a common problem that affects 1 in 3 women and costs the NHS £233 million each year.

Pelvic Floor Training Products Available on Prescription

Recognising incontinence as a huge issue, the NHS has made some pelvic floor training products available on prescription.

Firstly, Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones (RRP. £29.99, code Part IXA – Appliances – Kegel8) were introduced as a method to ensure you are doing manual pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises correctly. They do this with their unique indicator tail, which is visible outside the body so that you can see it dip down when you contract your pelvic floor correctly. The pack comes in three weights so you can enhance your exercises as you progress.

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones Come With 3 Weights!

More recently, Elvie's The Pelvic Floor Trainer (RRP. £169.00) has also become available on prescription. The Elvie trainer uses a phone app to store your progress.

The Elvie Trainer is Priced at £169

As the NHS is looking for ways to save costs, it is directing patients to buy products themselves. Therefore, it is worth knowing what your money can buy you.

What’s the Difference Between Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones and the Elvie Trainer?

Price Tag

Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones are currently retailed at £29.99, whereas the Elvie Trainer is priced at more than 5x this figure: £169.00.

Both come with a carry case. The Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones also come with a total of 3 different sized and weighted vaginal cones within the pack, as well as an exercise guide devised by a physiotherapist.

App Technology

One of the differences between the two products is the inclusion of app technology for the Elvie Trainer. The app is required to show your Kegel effectiveness and take part in 'games'.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Elvie Trainer, ensure you check your phone brand and model before buying, as the app is not compatible with certain makes, and customers have noted connectivity issues with androids, specifically Samsung, and no compatibility for Windows. Connectivity can also be affected by your posture, for example if your legs cover the device’s tail when they are closed.

Play With Your Pelvic Floor With Elvie

For less ‘tech-savvy’ users, and more ‘fast, effective results’ try Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones. You can effectively perform your Kegel exercises without having to rely on an app. Instead of staring at a screen, you can see your real-time Kegels thanks to the unique indicator tail.


At Kegel8, we know that no two vaginas are the same. This is why our pelvic strengthening system comes with 3 vaginal cones instead of 1. The separate cones all have different weights because, just like vaginas, not everyone’s pelvic floors are the same either! This way even somebody with a relatively weak pelvic floor can practice and build their way to a strong pelvic floor. The Elvie Trainer kit contains just 1 product with the option to use a cover to alter the fit.

Electrical vs Non-Electrical

Another of the main differences between the two products is the use of electronics. The Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones do not use any type of electronics within the product, meaning they’re ready to go whenever you’re ready.

The Elvie Trainer can take up to 1 hour to charge, which can be annoying if you’re in a rush to get up and go. Elvie boasts an impressive battery life of up to 2 months. However, customers have claimed that this charge actually only lasts a few weeks, and can tend to fizzle out faster if you exercise regularly.

Water Durability

You are not able to sterilise, or wash your Elvie in boiling water. You are only able to clean the device using soap and warm water.

The Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones are made of medical-grade Santoprene which is autoclavable, meaning you can sterilise them in boiling water. As they are totally waterproof; you can clean them with warm soap and water after using them in the shower if your prefer.

Medically Approved

With the Medical Device CEII classified Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones, not only do you receive 3 different weighted cones, but your delivery will also include an exercise guide that has been devised by a physiotherapist in order to optimise your results.

Both the Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones and the Elvie Trainer are NHS-approved and available on prescription.

Supporting You

At Kegel8, we know that performing pelvic floor exercises isn’t a game. For many people, Kegels are a way of fixing and improving your lifestyle. That’s why our Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones have a unique indicator tail that gives a visual indication that you are exercising correctly; no other vaginal cone works quite like it! Most other vaginal cones are designed to be inserted past the muscle bed - meaning they just sit there and cannot provide effective exercising. As you can see your success, the Kegel8’s Vaginal Cones motivate you to work your muscles for results you can see and feel.

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones Have a Unique Indicator Tail to Show When You Are Doing Kegels Correctly!

At Kegel8 we are always here to support you. Our team of experts are available over the phone and online to help support and guide you through any issues that you may have. Whether you have a pelvic floor concern, or query about a product, even if you haven't purchased from us yet or have been with us for many years.

Returns Policy

Here at Kegel8, we know that every pelvic floor is different, and some may require extra special attention before they are able to improve and strengthen. This is why if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, and if you have not opened or used any of the intimate products, and everything is in a re-saleable condition, you can return them for FREE within 14 days of delivery to get a full refund.

Unfortunately Elvie cannot accept returns on the Elvie Trainer. However, if you think the item is faulty, you can return it to Elvie for testing within the first two years after purchasing. If the Elvie stops working after the two year warranty you will not be able to return it.

Don’t Take Our Word For It! Here’s What You Say About the Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

Jenny: “I was recommended [Kegel8 Vaginal Cones] by my physio, they have helped me isolate the correct muscles and made me much more aware of how my muscles work, and more importantly have stopped the leaks.”

Shona: “I followed the [Kegel8 exercises] that are in the instructions – they are fun and easy to do and help to make the exercising different. My Physio said they were very good because they feature exercising in different positions – standing, sitting etc – which all exercise the pelvic floor differently.”

A Quick View

ProductKegel8 Vaginal ConesElvie Trainer
Price £29.99 £169.00
Features Unique indicator tail to support fast, effective results App 'games' as encouragement
Comes with 3 vaginal cones of different sizes and weights 1 product with an additional cover to amend the size
Cleaning instructions Made of medical-grade Santoprene which is autoclavable - completely waterproof! Only wash with soap and warm water
Healthcare approval NHS approved, CEII class approved, and comes with a Physiotherpaist devised exercise guide NHS approved
Support Online, email and phone support from a team of experts Email and phone support
Returns FREE returns within 14 days of purchase if you are not 100% happy, you have not opened or used any of the intimate products and everything is in a re-saleable condition Cannot accept returns unless faulty and within the two year warranty

What About Electronic Pelvic Floor Exercises?

For those of you that frequently forget to exercise or if you need quicker results, check out the range of Kegel8 electronic devices. Some of our electronic pelvic toners can even be used with external skin pads if you would rather not use a vaginal or anal probe.

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