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Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner

  1. Digital and electronic pelvic toner with 12 comprehensive pelvic floor exercise & relaxation programmes
  2. Tackles all pelvic floor problems with emphasis on sensation improvement on the unique 'Vitality' setting
  3. Clinically proven for urine & bowel incontinence, weakness, pain relief, strengthening & intimate sensation
  4. Includes best-selling Pelviline internal probe for comfortable targeted exercise
  5. Proven 12 week programme to help strengthen and improve your pelvic floor muscles privately, at home.

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2 year warranty

Just think about the pressure that your pelvic floor endures day after day. Hidden away out of sight it is responsible for helping you control your bladder and bowel, keeping all your pelvic organs supported and in place where nature intended them to be, and your level of sexual sensation.

Why your pelvic floor deserves a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Pelvic Toner

So here's the deal, on an average day, with an average body weight your 'ignored' pelvic floor muscles support 20 lbs or 9 kg of pelvic organs.

Your pelvic floor muscles need frequent exercise to keep them toned and strong - we're not telling you anything you don't already know, because you know how your pelvic floor 'feels'...but here are the signs of a weak pelvic floor and the benefits of a strong 'kegel8' pelvic floor:

Weak Pelvic Floor

Weak pelvic floor muscles - Kegel8 can help
  • Leaking urine
  • Wind you can't stop
  • Straining & constipation
  • Tampons won't stay in
  • Love life lacks that zing
  • Back and hips ache
  • Fat tummy & weak 'core'

Strong Pelvic Floor

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles - Kegel8
  • No leaks – ever. Confident control
  • No embarrassing leaks of wind, wee or poo
  • Easier elimination
  • Strong muscles keep tampons in place
  • Stronger orgasms and sensation for you both
  • Strong core, no aches
  • Flat tummy and strong 'core'

What makes the muscles of your pelvic floor weak?

Your pelvic floor stretches to twice its normal size during pregnancy as it holds the extra weight of baby and your extra body weight.

Age based weight gain
It's not inevitable that we pack on the pounds, but many of us do, this weakens those 'overloaded' pelvic floor muscles.

Falling in love
Have you heard of the 'stone of contentment'? 2/3 of couples put on 14lb after getting into a relationship. That's even more pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

With reduced oestrogen levels skin and muscles lose elasticity, menopause also reduces muscle mass - so pelvic floor muscles get weaker.

Constipation and straining
All that puts downward pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

High Impact Exercise
Running? Lifting weights? What about your pelvic floor? It will be taking all that strain and this might show in leaks. If you don't feel a weakness now, you will soon.

You've lost that loving feeling

You know if sex doesn't feel the same anymore, you also know if you are avoiding intimacy with your husband or partner.

If your pelvic floor is weak, sexual sensation will be reduced and your orgasms may even be a thing of the past. Have you ever stopped to wonder why the love-of-your-life who used to have you gasping for more just doesn't do it for you anymore?

If you've lost a grip on your love-life then so will your partner. If you suffer stress incontinence (light bladder weakness, or sensitive bladder if that sounds acceptable and 'nicer') you've also got those un-sexy leaks to contend with too. In a recent Swedish study women sufferers shared their experiences:

of women said their "wee" problems impaired their sex life.

of women said they had difficulty reaching orgasm.

of women worried about leaking during lovemaking.
  • 43% of women said their "wee" problems impaired their sex life.
  • 27% of women said they had difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • 49% of women worried about leaking during lovemaking.
Kegel8 Review in The Sunday Times
"...a weak pelvic floor means less sensation for both parties. Women get bored; men get restless. relationships lose potency in direct proportion to pelvic floor atrophy."

- John Warlock, The Sunday Times

How can something so easy be so difficult then?

Pelvic floor exercises are simple yet millions of women in the UK have a weak pelvic floor, so what's happening? Why are women putting up with leaks and lack of pleasure?

It's part of being older, being a mum, menopause etc...

No it's not! Wetting yourself, resigning yourself to elusive orgasms and a lacklustre love life is not inevitable.

You deserve it, your pelvic floor deserves it and your partner deserves it too!

I can't feel or find the pelvic floor muscles...

If you can't "feel" your muscles they are weak - stop kidding yourself and do something about it! Kegel8 is a SatNav for your pelvic floor muscles, it finds them, it exercises them, effortlessly.

The exercises don't work...

Clinically proven they do work, it's just you need to do the 12 week programme, not give up after 2 days! You can do it!

How does a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality work?

Manual exercises will target just 40% of your pelvic floor muscles, whereas the Kegel8 Vitality will get 90% of the muscles moving!

If you are going to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor, do it with Kegel8. This fabulous little pelvic power-pack has 12 pre-set programmes and via the vaginal sensor electrical pulses will trigger weak pelvic floor muscles to contract. Throughout the programme the pelvic floor muscles contract and relax automatically - but with 90% more efficiency remember!

When the timed programme is complete it will switch off automatically. We recommend you do these exercises once or twice a day for 12 weeks. You'll be amazed at the difference. Promise.

40% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Manual
90% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Kegel8
Kegel8 Review in The Sunday Times
"...has the use of the electric probe improved my sex life? I've been assured by my husband that there has been a noticeab;e change..."

- Louise Parker, The Sunday Times

What do you get with a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality

Kegel8 Controller

Kegel8 Ultra Vitality

Containing 12 ready-to-go programmes, the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality is a perfect blend of exercises to strengthen and improve your pelvic floor in the privacy of your own home.

Pelviline Probe

Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Pelviline Probe

One of our best-selling vaginal probes, designed to target the pelvic floor muscles directly. If you prefer another shape or style of probe we feature lots of different styles within the Kegel8 range.


  • Sensation/Intimacy
    3 programmes designed to improve muscle tone and promote improved intimate sensation. Kegel8 Ultra Vitality will put the 'O' back into your orgasm.
  • Pelvic Floor Workout
    1 programme designed to target all the muscles within the pelvic floor to deliver a targeted and thorough work-out.
  • Bladder & Bowel Weakness/Incontinence
    6 programmes designed to address your needs. Don't ignore laughter leaks, treat them with one of these clinically proven programmes.
  • Pelvic Pain & Relaxation
    2 programmes to help with pain, but more importantly relaxation. Relaxing your pelvic floor after a Kegel8 workout will help you get the best results ever.


3 x Sensation/Intimacy
1 x Pelvic Floor Workout
6 x Bladder/Bowel Weakness/Incontinence
2 x Pelvic Pain Relief
2 x Customisable Programmes
Kegel8 Customer Services

Kegel8 Care Team

We're here on the helpline Monday to Friday 9 - 5 to help you select the programme that's best for you, or answer any questions that you might have.

Your pelvic floor can last you a life-time of laughter, loo visits and more importantly lust and love. So look after yourself with Kegel8 Ultra Vitality.

Medically Certified

To comply with UK legislation Kegel8 has to have a whole raft of medical certification and clinical programmes to back up its claims. Our certification complies with MHRA guidelines for medical devices and our UK manufacturing is monitored by SGS Limited. This is your guarantee that your Kegel8 pelvic toner is thoroughly tested and certificated to the highest standards here in the UK.

Kegel8 is Medically Certified

What you could save

Save money with Kegel8

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Ultra 20?


Guidelines recommend that you should check with your healthcare provider before using the Kegel8 Vitality if you have a pacemaker.


Please don't use this if you are pregnant, unless under medical supervision. You can soon get started after your six week check-up though!

Pelvic Cancer?

Please do not use, NMES stimulates cell growth in muscles and we do not know what affect this may have on cancerous cells.

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.

Delivery & Returns

Fast delivery and FREE returns if you’re not delighted with your purchase from Kegel8

Royal Mail fast and discreet delivery or UPS for Next Day Express delivery

Expert Advice – our Kegel8 Customer Service Team is on hand to help you 8.00am - 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday and 10.00am - 3.00pm GMT, Saturday.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 81740
Programmes 12 Pre-set programmes for pelvic strength and control | 2 Customisable
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
Can be used with Vaginal probe | Anal probe | Kegel8 Day Toner
Included Contents Ultra Controller | 9v battery | Pelviline probe | Instructions
Certification CE | Grade IIa Medical Device | ISO9001-2000 | ISO13485-2003
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Extended Warranty Available
User Manual View and/or Download the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality User Manual
Form Waveform: Symmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.
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Why didn't someone tell me sooner? Review by TriciaN
Product Rating
Many years ago I suffered a prolapse which made sex uncomfortable and painful. Although my GP was aware of this and that I'd stopped having smear tests done because I found even the insertion of a speculum painful, I was given no help or advice. I had given up on relationships and ever having sex again. The straw on the camel's back, however, was when I suffered the indignity of urge incontinence. Although I wore daily pads of ever increasing strength, my worst fear was of a public accident. I also couldn't sleep properly because I had to get up in the night, sometimes more than once per night, with an urgent need to empty my bladder.
I wasn't expecting much or even quick results from the Kegel8, but was amazed by the almost instant results! The first thing I noticed was the lessening of intensity of sudden urges to empty my bladder, then no accidental leakages at all! As I carried on using the machine (PO2 - Urge/Prolapse) I began to notice that the prolapse seemed to have moved out of the way and that my vagina felt back to "normal". As if all this were not enough gifts from this machine, I found that I was finally free from chronic back pain! This has proved to be the greatest blessing, which was quite unexpected. I am off pain killers, and can walk, sit, lie down without fear of a back spasm. I can't tell you what joy that brings me! (Posted on 10 October 2014)
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Proving to be a life saver! Review by Mrs R
Product Rating
17 years after my one child was born, and never having bothered with pelvic floor exercises, my incontinence and urgency have become increasingly worse. My issues are definitely psychological as well as physiological. I tend to plan things around access to toilets which is just so debilitating, and planning long walks with friends is a nightmare of anxiety, embarrassment and discomfort. I’ll try to go to the toilet before leaving the house “just in case”, but that’s ended up exacerbating the problem. At 52, I’ve felt like an old woman and it’s shocking to have to wear incontinence pads in order to feel secure.
I started on a very low intensity with my Ultra Vitality because it felt unpleasant to have it too high (a bit like a TENS machine when you’re in labour), but I’ve gradually increased the intensity. Will soon start to explore some of the other programmes.
Easiest for me is simply to insert the probe as I’m going to sleep, and remove it when I next wake!
In 10 days I am already getting great results. (1) Have realised some mornings that I didn’t go to the loo in the night! (2) Went for a long walk recently, was completely relaxed and didn’t need the toilet for almost 5 hours! (3) My sensation of weeing is different too – it’s almost like my wee hole is tighter.
A friend told me recently that the bladder stretches, so the more you drink the bigger it becomes and this can help to reduce incontinence problems. Although I tried that and it helped, it didn’t overcome the problem with weak muscles. My Kegel8 has been a brilliant investment and I'll happily review again after an extended period.

Suggestions for the Kegel8 team:

1. The instruction booklet is complicated, confusing, and the print is way too small. It could benefit from showing diagrams how to put the unit together, rather than explaining in words, or maybe a DVD as someone else suggested.
2. The machine could be improved in design: print an A and B beside the connection points on the top.
3. Is it safe to use the Kegel8 twice a day? More info please.
1. Put a separate Testimononials page on your website so people can easily find users’ comments. It took me ages to find where other customers had provided feedback.
2. Add a product comparison table so it’s easy to understand the difference between the different machines.
3. At checkout, suggest to customers about buying the lubricant at the same time. I hadn’t appreciated how vital this was, and couldn’t use my Kegal8 till I’d gone to buy some. (Posted on 23 May 2012)
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I forgot how it felt Review by AnnieB
Product Rating
I suppose losing sensation happens gradually what with children, working and a bit of excess weight, so when I went to weight watchers at the beginning of this year I was determined to get all of me back in shape. Poor Hubby has put up with the slobby me for far too long and he is a lovely man! So after losing 3 stones at weight watchers and discovering the treadmill again (and wetting myself in the process) I knew that the time was right. I have used this for about 6 weeks now - it was slow at first I didn't feel anything noticeable after the first 2 weeks and I was beginning to feel as though I might have been mistaken in what my friends had said. My Hubby noticed first and mentioned after we made love that he could hardly stop himself because I felt so tight - that spurned me on no end and here I am after 6 weeks. We have made love more times in that last few weeks than we have in the last 3 years, I am feeling better about myself, my Hubby is in love with me again (well he never stopped but it does help to get close again) and we feel like a couple of teenagers. I feel it has made such a difference to my lif and I feel as though I am in control and really feel happier than I have for many years. I hope if this rings a bell with you then you too can find the courage to change because it has really empowered me. Good luck everyone. (Posted on 28 September 2012)
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Effective but takes a long time Review by becks
Product Rating
I started using the Kegal 8 in September 2014. I was under the continence nurse as my pelvic floor was very weak, due to menopause, a history of breast cancer history and 3 vaginal births including a forceps delivery. Initially I was only using it once a day and didn't find it very effective. I upped it to 2 x 20 minute sessions twice a day in November still no difference. However, I don't think I had the probe positioned right and when I manged to get this fixed and put the setting up to 90 I started to get results. I am no longer so reliant on pads in fact for the last few days I have done away with them completely (apart from when exercising), whereas previously I had to wear them all the time. So in summary this product does work but the instruction booklet could be better and it also takes time and persistence. But well worth it in the long run. (Posted on 28 March 2015)
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Life Changing Review by Blondie
Product Rating
I am an avid reader of reviews but have never felt the need to leave a review of any product or service before, however I felt the need to share my experience of the Kegel 8 Ultra.

For several years I have suffered with Stress Incontinence, I sought medical help last year and although vigorously practice manual pelvic floor exercises there was little improvement. I purchased my Kegel 8 in April, I usually only manage to use it once a day however I am delighted to report this week for the first time in about 5 years I did not leak at my weekly fitness class I am overjoyed!!! I can genuinely feel a difference internally with everything feeling more 'lifted'

Also an added bonus intercourse although pretty good before is now on a completely different level, I could always achieve orgasm but they are more intense and I actually ejaculated for the first time totally amazing, my partner and I cant thank you enough, I feel I'm getting my life back.

THANK YOU! For your feedback Blondie, it will help to motivate other women to keep on exercising and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 18 July 2014)
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Amazing Review by Cha
Product Rating
I bought this product because my husband said I'm loose inside. I just had my third baby. And I just can't do the kegel exercise properly. It's difficult to find the right muscle and squeez it. Sometime when I sneeze I could feel my panties wet just a little bit.

Well I got the kegel 8 exerciser ultra vitality. On day 1 I used Po3 two times and Po9 one time. On day 2 i used it three times on PO9. On day 3 we had sex AND MY HUSBAND NOTICE A DIFFERENCE. Whoever is thinking to buy this product just buy it, it's worth the money. Also, I do feel pain when the MA is above 55. So I have put the MA on 30 and using it for longer. (Posted on 15 October 2013)
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Excellent product and worth every penny Review by Happy Customer
Product Rating
I have the kegel8 Vitality, which I saw advertised in a magazine while at the hairdressers. I looked up the website, read the reviews and eventually plucked up the courage to buy it, I thought it was a LOT of money, but was becoming desperate and afraid that I'd either have to live with incontinence (it's just your age, dear, I'm 65) or even contemplate surgery to tighten things up.
If you're reading this you'll know about the pads, the leaks and needing to know where there is a loo and sometimes there isn't one, or it's gross. This preoccupation with urinating does affect your confidence and undermines your sex life.
I was advised to use the Kegel8 for about 45 mins a day and allow 8 to 12 weeks. I noticed a change earlier than this, but depending on your problem, you do need to persevere. The Kegel8 has made a huge difference, I no longer have to do the embarrassing things in my second paragraph. I continue on the same twice a day basis as I feel there is still improvement to be made. If you are suffering any of those problems or similar, then I can recommend this product, yes, yes, YES!! (Posted on 23 January 2014)
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Life Changing!! Review by pomtickle
Product Rating
Bought this a week ago and already noticed an amazing difference. I have used it Morning and evening. I actually had my first nights sleep without waking to go to the toilet which was fantastic!!. I have also noticed I am not wanting to go to the toilet as frequent as I used to which again has been brilliant. For anyone contemplating buying this, just do it, you wont regret it. I have read some of the reviews of people that have struggled a bit to use it, really cant see how, its incredibly straight forward and no hassle at all. Worth every penny : ) (Posted on 1 February 2015)
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Wish I'd known about it before - I'm back to being the old me! Review by MrsO
Product Rating
Since the birth of my two beautiful boys things have not been the same. I used to be a gym bunny who could crack walnuts as they say but two heavy pregnancies and 2nd degree tears later and I had difficulty with urge leaks and no orgasm at all leading to total loss of self confidence and nil sex life. I was left too weak to do kegels the usual way and other products didn't help and I only found out about this type of product after trawling the net in desperation for some kind of solution as it has started to affect my marriage.
A very helpful lady took my order last Thurs, it was received Fri and I've been diligently alternating between general pelvic workout and loss of sensitivity settings two or three times a day, and using the day toner widget over night, and in less than a week although I was moderately sceptical, I'm frankly astonished with the results - I know the nerve damage will take longer and will give that time and although I'm not quite back to cracking those walnuts just yet, I can't wait to test out the results on hubby - I feel like the old me again for the first time in years! I just wish the NHS or NCT would include info about this product as soon as women discover they've weakness it might just save the NHS money in otherwise unnecessary operations & hidden heartache, it's the best £150 I've spent in a long time;-) (Posted on 11 July 2012)
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so far so good.... well amazing really! Review by eso
Product Rating
Like many people I am useless at doing pelvic floor exercises. Even after seeing a physio, I just couldn't find the right bits to squeeze :) Wearing pads, just in case became the norm. I wasn't happy about it, but at least I wouldn't have an accident.

I hummed and arrghed a lot before I bought my Kegel8. It is such a lot of money, and what if it didn't work??? Even though I'd read everything I could, I was still skeptical.

Fast forward 2 weeks...
-I do my kegel-ing every night before bed. When I was on holiday, or at the weekends, I do the morning as well. I find it very important to get into a set routine so I don't start skipping things.

- it is not painful or particularly uncomfortable and the sensation does vary depending on the program and how you are positioned.

- the difference in my pelvic floor is amazing. For the past two days I haven't worn a pad to work. Just feeling confident enough to even think about that was a milestone, but doing it! Unthinkable 4 weeks ago.

You really do have to commit to it. I decided that as I'd damaged my floor giving birth 26 years ago it's wasn't going to be fixed in a few days. I wasn't expecting to see improvements so quickly and i hope that it will continue as I'm going to do the full 12 weeks and then a maintenance program. I can see me doing this now for the rest of my life- worth it if it avoids surgery etc.

On the minus side, the instructions are not at all friendly. I understand that as a piece of medical equipment there are rules about what information has to be provided but perhaps a quick start guide would be useful. The rubbish instructions put me off starting for a couple of days, as I didn't know what programme to use. And the hip to hip rule is so fundamental that it really should be in the book, instead of finding it accidentally on the website.

But overall, so far so good. Fingers crossed I continue to improve. (Posted on 29 April 2016)
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You're reviewing: Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner

Product Questions

I am a youthful 67, ,still enjoy an active life , ( including marital relations with my husband) but was recently (August) diagnosed with a bladder prolapse. Despite practising pelvic exercise( info from GP) I am not experiencing a great deal,of success. I also have IBS , mainly bouts of constipation(? Part of the problem) followed by faecal incontinence. I am wondering which,if any of the Kegel8 you would recommend for me?
I just received and tried my Kegel8 Ultra Vitality and it was so fun!! I could really feel the muscles working so can't wait for the results!
How often can I use the program's? I used p09 and want to mix with 'vitality' in the morning and then both again at night, is this recommended?

What number is the vitality program?

After three pregnancies and delivery of big babies my pelvic floor is weak. I don't have the accidents that I've heard women suffer with but I do have a weak pelvic floor which forces me to wear panty liners at all times. Which machine would be best for me?
I gave birth to my son 3,5 months ago and now I experience a problem with the air going into my vagina during some inverted yoga poses and also during some other daily movements. It's very annoying. Is there a chance that Kegel8 will help me here? If so, which programme should I use?
Hi, I am a physiotherapist in Nigeria. I have a patient with third degree cystocele. A multiparous female. Has had 7 vaginal delivaries. Surgery is not an option to her. Can use of kegel8 ultra help fix the prolapse completely without surgical interventions. If yes, is it wise to use a pessary to push back the protrusion or do we depend on the kegel8 probe to push the protrusion back in the pelvis during therapy. Also, how do I get the kegel8 ultra in Nigeria and which model should I go for. Thanks a lot.
Ive just turned 50 and have had slight bladder incontinence for a couple of years but recently it has got worse I'm leaking every time I cough and can't even run a couple of steps now
.i wear tena pads all the time but these can make me uncomfortable My daughter is getting married in August and I would love to not have to worry about popping to the loo every half hour !would the kegel 8 really make a difference ?
What is the difference between the tone and tighten and the ultra vitality? Will i get equal results from both?
I have the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality with 11 programmes including the 3 custom ones. It's been wonderful so far with diminshing urgency. Now, I would like to work on vaginal atrophy. I'm able to tense my muscles, but not hold them for as long as I'd like and sensitivity is low. Can you tell me which programmes are specifically preset for sexual intimacy? Or, do I need to utilise the custom settings for that?

Thank you.
I currently use kegelmaster which works great but I find myself bored with the counting. I am after a device that will do the job while I read. Is kegel8 the right one? I am after toning and aid with stress incontinence, Thanks.
Hi I am a new user 2 days I am using programme 3 for 20 mins on the highest setting being 90. do you have to have breaks or can you run the whole 20 mins with out a few seconds stop in between,;
Thank you

I was just wondering about the different probes that are available to use with the vitality?

I have 1 child and we are talking about trying for another but have been suffering with wetting myself when I sneeze, cough or laugh to much. I also suffer with IBS so have some problems at the back too when I'm suffering. Would having different probes help or would the one that comes with it help with both problems.

Thanks. Claire

I've 2 questions:
1. How do I program the Kege 8 for anal use as the links above do not seem to be working
2. I am struggling with the vaginal probe - it hurts and I'm not getting a muscle contraction. I don't feel I'm getting good contact despite using gel and trying lots of different positions :-(
I have just bought the ultra vitality plus perisize nickle free probe.

I have a prolapse so have started on that programme (p2).

I also want to benefit from the vitality programme and also to reduce the frequency of needing to have a wee.

Can you help me with some advice on how to decide which programmes I should use and can I combine different programmes on alternate days for example or is it best to treat one problem at a time?!
Have just purchased this unit. Can you tell me whether I should have received an indicator wand with this type of probe.
Hi, how often do u use the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality a day? I'm using setting 8. Thank you
hi just wondering if i can alternate between prolapse,pelvic floor workout , loss of sensation and the vitality program and if so how should i do this ?

I have a prolapse (cystocele) Is this suitable for me? I have used the Neen pericalm but need a new probe and I wondered if I should change to this machine?
I live in USA California, how can I order your products?
I have been using the vitality for approx a week and a half and it was going really well and everything was tightening up but I noticed 2 days ago that everything was reverting back even though I was doing the same thing as before
I'm 49 and I've had 3 children. I had surgery for a rectocele a few years ago and I have what my doctors insist is a 'slight' prolapse, although it seems much worse than that to me. My cervix shifts position a lot, but sometimes it seems halfway down my vagina. I also have the same urinary problems as a lot of women my age - slow flow, needing to wee frequently, some incontinence. I've had a copper coil for the last 9 years which I now suspect may be making matters worse so I'm due to have that removed.

I've also been seriously ill with ME for the last 5 years which has really affected all my muscles, although I am now slowly recovering.

The prolapse is the thing which really bothers me, as I've been single for five years and really lack confidence with a new partner because of it. My gynaes insist I'm 'normal' - in fact one said I had better than average 'grip' for my age - but I am convinced I will feel weird to a new lover!

Given that the doctors say it is slight, will your product be able to improve the prolapse or just stop it from getting worse? And which product in particular would you recommend for me?
I would like to know if kegel can help with vaginal sensititivity, i have been to several gynas in nairobi but no luck in trying to identify why i feel so much pain during sex, i have no infections at the moment but i have had this pain on the opening of my vagina three years now without a stop. i did a lot of digging and i came to realise i could either be having vagisnismus or vulvodynia so i was wonderin wether kegel could help?
I have just purchased the kegel8 which way does the probe go with sensors side to side or front to back?


Are there any contraindication for the use of Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner? Especially anything related to cervical erosion and fibroids?

Hi there,

I'm only 22 but I've always had issues with being a little damp down there all the time. I'm about 4 stones overweight too so that doesn't help. Also, I've never been able to orgasm or feel anything down there when I'm intimate. Would this be a good device for me? How should I use it and what programs would be best for me.
Why is the most recent clinical reference in your booklet 16 years old? Is this because the research hasn't been done or because it hadn't been searched for. Surely you should be providing customers with up to date scientific evidence
I have a question on safety using the kegel 8. I have a mechanical aortic heart valve can I use the kegel8 safely? I'm wondering if the electric pulses will effect my valve. FYI...I don't have a pacemaker.
I have used your kegel8 in the past and got great results from it. I avoided surgery and found it helped me get control of my bladder back. It shaped me up for more muscle control for daily life and the bedroom. I would love to think I could use this again post heart surgery.
Does it help with incontinence
Ive had to give up running as I leak very soon into a run.Will this be able to help me to run again.
Hi I have just bought the Ultra Vitality Unit. I'm confused as to which programmes to use. I'm 29, had one child who is now 4. Slight prolapse, leakage and very loose vagina with no sensation for either myself and my partner. I have been using PO2 and PO9 one day and PO2 and PO8 the next. Is this best?

I can't find the vitality programme you talk about? What number is that?

Thank you
My problem is constantly going to the loo when out i.e. on holiday/shopping etc. I tend not to drink throughout the day which in hot weather especially is not good for me. I always end up looking for toilets and I now think its time I need this sorting out. Also I have never had a vaginal orgasm ! Help.... Would this product work for me.

Thank you

Debbie (aged 52)

I bought the kegel 8 ultra to strengthen my pelvic floor and regain sensitivity during sex. I've been using programme P09. Is there any other you would recommend? Also, I feel that I need to strengthen my bowel as I have flatus incontinence. Do I need to buy a different probe or will the one I have already be acceptable?

Thank you.
I was wondering if I needed to squeeze manually whilst my kegel 8 is in use ? Would it be better for me to or does it not make a difference ?
How bad of a prolapse has it got to be before this one actually helped it
How big is the actual probe that goes inside you? And is there a chance by inserting the deviice and using it over time, that it can actually make you ''bigger''?

A worried potential customer.
I have had 9 children. My youngest is 1 year old. I was wondering if this will really help me as I have a lot of air that goes in and makes loud noises as I do exercises also when having sex in different positions it's hugely embarrassing. Which probe would be best to get for my problem as I think it's rather big as I have lost sensation down there when having sex .
Have just purchased the Vitality and have been reading your feedback reply regarding the Hybrid rechargeable batteries. You said that you would endeavour to source a reliable battery pack, so I was wondering if you have managed to find one that you can recommend.
Is it safe to use kegel 8 ultra as I have a bulging disc which is pressing on sciatic nerve. I don't want to exacerbate the condition.
Can I use this product when I was in the preparing pregnancy program, is it safe or can interfere my preparing pegnancy program??
Hi There,
Just used the Kegal8 this morning for the first time (impressed with how quickly it arrived to Canada!). I did programme 01 as instructed and completed the full 30 minutes with the mA set at 30 (where I first felt sensation). A couple of questions; the sensation was only felt on the upper right side. Should I continue with P. 01 until I feel a broader band of sensation? Should I try upping the mA further?
Felt fine all day, but now this evening I having a pulsing discomfort in the pelvic region (have not felt this before - kind of crampy like but not constant like period pain, again, a light pulsing). Could this be the muscles fatigued from the morning "work out"?
I have bought the Kegal8 to try and improve/cure moderate to severe incontinence issues and want to move on to the programmes specific for incontinence, but don't want to rush it. Thanks for your help.

Is this one great for prolapses and what exactly will it do to it
Should i feel the sensation in my bottom when using this? I used it vaginally and on a high setting and could feel the spasms in my bottom. The next day i had a "incident" where i lost bowel control. This has never happened before and this is not why i am using the kegel8. Am i doing something wrong?
I am 44 and at my wits end! I've had 4 children and very week pelvic floor muscles. I don't have accidents generally unless I'm exercising but this I can cope with, what is really affecting me is having air escaping my vagina and making a noise!!!!! It is so embarrassing and also my sex life is non existent as my husband cannot feel anything once inside me.

I've tried for years on and off doing my exercises but now I can't feel a thing so don't know if I'm using the right muscles. I have used aqua flex but have seen no improvement.

Could you advise me on your best machine and can you get your muscles back per childbirth?

Thank you for your help
Hi ive just had a baby at 10lb10 I feel my muscles are weak so I used my kegal 8.I can get to 80 with nice strong pull but is the aim to get to higher MAs or to lower does higher mean my muscles are weak?
I have just received vitality with vaginal and anal probe. I had one similar treatment at physiotherapist and found hers very much more of a contraction feeling. With the vitality on programme 9 it felt more like a rippling. Have I inserted the probe properly? I found it hard to keep in and indeed it fell out at one point and was extremely painful.Managed to get it to stay in eventually.I could easily turn up into 70s but at physio only managed 40
Hiya ive just got the ulta vitality & was just wondering wat programmes u would recommend using! I do have a bit of urge & stress continence & feel very loose down there after having my son? And you no they way they say to use it twice a day,how many hours would you recommend leaving between the two sessions?
thanks in advance.
My first delivery apart from being hell, left me with a complete prolapse in my early twenties.A repair was done after my second, but my third was an emergency c section at 28 weeks , which was followed by a hysterectomy after another attempt to put the prolapse right. All in all about five major gynae ops in as many years. However four years ago I was told that I have a vaginal vault prolapse which causes problems and discomfort form the bulging Not all the time, for despite my age I believe my hormones are still active, as the drop only occurs periodically but will last for several days1 I swim regularly which helps, and also do yoga which helps strengthen muscles weakened thro surgery. I had a Keigel 8 some years ago but could only use it in bed, semi prone.. I do not want more surgery, will the new model be of any help, and how do electrodes on ankle activate pelvic floor muscles, also if placed on the back. Sorry a long question,,, Can you advise please?
I had my 2nd child a year ago and since then I have mild stress inc ontinence. I also feel as it the bladder muscle doesn't stay shut for a few minutes after I've been to the loo. I've been to physio who just said do pelvic floor exercises and checked and said I don't have a prolapse. Ive had a bit of improvement in the last few weeks. The physio has said I need surgery if its not alot better in 2 months. I used my kegel8 on stress p09 about 3 months ago could only handle up to 28mas. Now I tried today I went up to 40mas. That must mean I'm improving surely? I haven't even used the kegel8 everyday so with this improvement is it possible after daily use I could avoid surgery as I want another childand am worried I will be irreparable without surgery.
I bought a Kegel 8 ultra a few years ago and have used it rather spasmodically. I think I need proper instructions on its use. (I find your instruction booklet rather poor.) Im 61 and have stress incontinence, not that bad but I wear a tena mini pad all the time. Its most noticable when I am out walking. Also I have developed a new problem when I can just be standing at the sink and Ill have a small leak.
Can you advise which programme/s I should be following and for how long and how frequently. At the present Im doing 3 and 7 at about 70 mz, both in the morning. Also how far should the probe be inserted...isit the whole depth of the probe with none of the cable inside ? My orgasms by the way are hugely better than a few years ago. I really do feel the difference in that way. Thank you I think its a great product and Im sure Id be loads worse without it.
I have the Kegel 8 ultra vitality. Please can you advise which programme is the best for tightening things up to Improve my sex life. Thanks
I have received the Kegal8 Vitality this morning, I haven't even taken it out of the packet yet as I need to be sure I have purchased the correct unit for my problem. Since I ordered the Kegal8 Vitality I have read more of the data including these Q&A
I have not been to the doctor as yet but know that I have a prolapse. It has taken me awhile to work out what the problem is but when it dawned on me I felt rather stupid, I should have realised a while ago.

On reading all these Q&A I am wondering if I have ordered the correct unit - this is why I haven't taken it out of the packing. I am 64 and still have an active sex life with my husband of 40 years. I have 3 children, the youngest is 32, the delivery of my first son was nothing less than a horror story. They also cut me very badly (not sure if that is one of the causes of the prolapse).

Obviously I want to continue with my intimate relationship with my husband but am more worried about the prolapse.

Please let me know as soon as possible if I have ordered the correct unit for my problem s I want to get on with sorting it out as soon as possible. I don't want to have to go through the hospital procedures, I hope I can sort it out by using the unit.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.

Look forward to hearing from you
Hi, I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in January and elected to have a laparoscopic radical prostatecomy, which was carried out in April. Since then I have learn't that my pelvic floor is slow to react to the exercises that are recommended. I am beginning to get back the feeling of wanting to go, but stand no chance of getting to a loo, i.e. when I stand I instantly flood.

Is there a male version of your machine and how does it work, anatomically.

Hi, I didn't see the questions/answers section on the webpage so didn't know you had replied. 

I purchased the vitality instead of the ultra 20 (not realising that was the best option for my needs)! It has already been dispatched for delivery?  Is there anyway to change the order? 

I just bought a kegel 8 vility. I have a slight prolapse. How long should I use p2 for? What ma should I set the kegel to? How long should I wait until I increase the mas? Should I use any other programmes? I have no leakage problems but have urge issues. Have had two babies in 3 years. Instructions included are not very clear.
I've been using the kegel8 ultra20 for a little over a week now. I have a grade 3 cystocele and have been using it as you advise, lying down with a pillow beneath my backside. My problem is that the probe doesn't seem to be in contact with all of the muscles. I can move it around from one side to the other, and feel it working on either the left or the right side. Does this mean that things are just too, well, cavernous down there? Do I need a different probe?
My sex life is really suffering as during intercourse my vagina starts to expel air noisily which is really off-putting and embarrassing. I have noticed a real reduction in my husbands interest in penetrative sex and I'm not surprised, I can't relax either. I've been to the GP (embarrassing), there is nothing abnormal to be seen altho there is a very small prolapse high up. I had two large babies but am now 53. Would one of the kegel machines help please? Which one if Yes? Thank you.
Hi I have purchased the kegel 8 ultra, I no there are alot of programmes, I would like to no which programmes are the best for tightening the muscles, I have had a child under a year ago and myself and partner have noticed the change, the main reason I brought the kegel was to improve out sex life, but there are quite a few I am unsure which would give the best quickest results
Hello, I'm 22 and I had a baby 2 and a half years ago. However I didn't have sex till 18 months after I gave birth. After i gave birth i kept passing urine, when I laughed, sneezed, jogged even jumped. I cannot control it, I've tried the pelvic floor educator because I wasn't sure how to do kegals.

To be honest I didn't see any difference, I tried to hold in my urine at the toilet however I couldn't hold it for long, I would say that I wee on my self maybe 5 times a week, on many occasions I have weed on my doorstep, I just can't hold it in.

When I became sexually active again I believe I overdone it, sometimes 3/4 times a day, and my partner stayed sometimes four times a week. Before I was sexually active I did notice that my vagina was larger, I had a 3rd degree tear so this was natural, I didn't really mind. However because I didn't know how to do kegals I think the more I had sex the larger my vagina became.

My partner is always complaining that he can't feel anything, which is why we never use condoms. During sex I used to be able to grip his penis with my walls, now even when I try my hardest nothing moves. It's really ruining my confidence and my sex life as he's always making comment like make sure you save you need vaginal surgery.

Sometimes I don't feel anything during sex, which products do you recommend?
Hi , I have read some of the questions and I do not know now which one is the best to improve my sexual life.
It's Kegel 8 vitality or Ultra 20 ?

Please, could I have more informations about which one is the best to improve my sexual life, thank you
Will this product work if i have no pelvice floor muscle as they cut mine years ago when i had my son so i cant feel anything.
Hi, I am 49 years old. I have had 4 children and have atrophy as I am going through the menopause. I do get bad urge, only occasional small leaks and I feel that my underneath is not what it used to be! When I am in the bath I fill with water (uncomfortable) sex can sometimes be painful when it is deep and I am also filling with air. I feel so much looser. I have bought the Vitality model and used it for the first time last night. I used the PC2 programme but wasn't able to get much past 20 without it feeling to strong around the cervix area (quite a sharp feeling). Is that something that will pass or would you recommend a different program or programs as I have more than one issue. Thanks Jan
i haven't had any children but, I had surgery a couple of years ago on my uterus and they went in through my vagina, ever since then I have not been the same down there. the opening was visible larger (that's a lot better now) my partner at the time complained he could not feel anything, I also started leaking pee when I cough or sneeze. my doctor has said i have a slight cystocele, which i think is a bladder prolapse? (not much info given about any of this stuff), i have just received the ultra vitality and was wondering which program is best for me - can i rotate different ones or can i only do some specific ones. also the relaxation program - do you do that after every work out or on its own as a work out or just every now and then after a program? i look forward to hearing from you (",)
Which one would you recommend solely for the tightening of my vagina. I have had 4 kids and i can insert 4 fingers inside me without being aroused? I am confused as to which product is best for me?

Also how long does it take before you feel the improvement? I know you cannot give exact times but what does your research suggest please?
Hi .My main concern is flatus incontinence. I do not appear to have bladder issues but on a scale of 1-10 my physio says I have a flicker of pelvic muscle control. I programmed my machine for the sphincter programme and am using that in the evening. Could you suggest a 12 week programme for me to strengthen the pelvic floor to help. I am a bit confused with the options on the vitality. Have been using the 45 min at the moment but find it a lot in combination with the anal programme. 3 times a week I could use twice a day, the other 4 probably just in the evening. Thanks
Hi I'm looking for some advice.....
I'm 42, have had 6 natural births, have had a rectal reconstruction as result of prolapse and yes I urinate a lot more than 8 times a day and during the night...... I'd really love to give my husband and myself our youthful sex life back..... what kegel machine should I be.looking at purchasing. ...
Hi, I recently purchased the kegal ultra vitality model along with 2 spare batteries, cleanser/lube pack & vitimans (received 6th August). I have been using the machine twice a day, morning & evening & alternating programmes as recommended. I intended doing a review after the 12 weeks were up but have concerns over the machines battery consumption. The first 2 days i used it, i noticed the battery icon flashing on switching off (normal i assumed when powering off), however the low battery icon started flashing intermittently from the 3rd day whilst programmes were running also. I ignored this until i noticed the bars indicating reduced battery power increasing & staying on right through programme, so after 6 days use i replaced the battery with one of my spares....problem solved, or so i thought. The same thing happened within a few days with intermittent battery flashing icon then onto constant with reducing battery power. Left it a few more days then replaced with my other spare battery.....same again. It says in the book that a battery will last a few months under normal usage.....that isn't the case with mine. One battery appears to only good for 4 individual uses before it sets the icon off & power rapidly it possible i have been sent batteries from a faulty batch? Or is it the machine that has a faulty battery connector? P.s i always make sure it is powered off on removal & packing in the box & have never opened the box to find the power on. Please advise as i'm hopeful this works but it appears i'm draining the life out my kegal quicker than i can get results lol.....hopefully it's not that 'big' a job down there that i need a generator to run it :D
I have multiple sclerosis and have urinary and faecal incontinence would one of your Kergal8 units help me
I am 54 and have 2 grown up children. At school when trampolining I had urine leakage and although very sporty at school I can no longer do high impact exercise .... I love walking but find I increasingly leak urine and have to wear pads.

I have been seen by a physio a few years ago who located the pelvic floor muscles so I could feel the contraction but I did not achieve significant results (perhaps due to laziness!!). Sensation during intercourse is very poor.

I have been using Programme 3 for about 3 weeks so it is early days but I feel as though I may not be inserting the probe effectively. To start with I could tolerate 90 ma's so presumed the probe was not inserted high enough. However when I insert higher it is painful at 40 ma's. How do I know it is inserted correctly ?

I am am using programme 3 twice daily as I am more anxious to improve increasingly severe stress incontinence before I tackle lack of sexual feeling.

Look forward to your advice.
Can you advise which probe is best to use with this when I upgrade please? I have a prolapse and want to stay strong, I am not allergic to nickel
Hi im thinking of buying the kegel 8 vitalality and just wondered if you could tell me if it will help me at all? Im 23 and have two children aged 1 and 2 my youngest child is almost 2 now , i dont have any big issues with leaking or prolapse just want to get back feeling during sex really i feel im nowhere near as tight as i was before my children and its really starting to effect my self confidence i dont think its the worst case of slackness (my hubby says its fine) but i know its not he dosent enjoy it like he used to! i just want to be more like i used to be i dont want to spend the rest of my life with this black cloud over my head lol So basically will this help me at all and what kind of difference is this likely to make to me and hubby?(will he notice a change at all?) thankyou
Hi there, I have recently purchased a kegel 8 device. I am 31 with an 11 year old and a almost 3 year old. I have started to notice some loss of sensation during sex, and I have also noticed a bulge inside the front wall of my vagina that I can sometimes feel just at the opening of my vagina when washing, not really popping out but I can feel the bulge. I don't really suffer with stress in continence and I have been told its not a prolapse so I am wondering what this is and what is the best programme for me to rectify this ASAP, also can I use a anal probe as well as vaginal and at the same time? Will this speed up results or can it cause a problem if I don't have anal problems? Also can I use my kegel 8 at the same time as an ab Toning belt? While using a power plate? If I use all this together will it help or make things worse? I'm really quiet lost and desperate :(
Hi there,

I bought kegel8 PF-200 few years ago, but I recently saw newest version of kegel which is ultra 20 one.

I was wondering what's the difference between those two. Thanks for your time.
Hi I purchased the kegel 8 ultra approx 3 years ago and used it regularly, prog 2 I believe. I have a mild uterus prolapse, I do not suffer from leaking.

I used the machine daily and did notice a difference. However, due to lack of time I've not used the machine for approx 8 months and really feel I should get back into this. I notice from your website that you now have an updated machine with 20 programmes and this appears to be the machine you recommend for prolapses. Just wondered if you can clarify this for me and if I would be better of with this machine now.

I shall be purchasing some of the vit d3 supplements too, to go alongside the exercise.
Is it suitable to use a kugel 8 when I have a pessory fitted?
Hi, can you advise the best position to be in when using the kegel8 Ultra? I've had prolapse surgery and have been told it's ok to go ahead and use the toner by my consultant.

I've been using it lying down but find I need to hold the probe in position, maybe because my vagina is at a funny angle for now due to hysterectomy (I've been told this rights itself with time and is due to the way it is stitched at the top). If I don't hold it I don't get proper connection on both sides.
I have just bought the kegal8 vitality and I still wasn't too sure how to insert the probe in by side to side?
Does it mean that the 2 metal parts of the probe will face the floor and ceiling while i m lying in bed with a reclined position?
And is it ok if I do the exercises when I lie flat on the bed before I go to sleep?
I would also like to ask what programs should I start with as I simply wanted to strengthen my muscles as I have stress incontinence?
Thank you so much
I am on the verge of purchasing a Kegel 8, but unsure which one would suit me best. I do a lot of long distance running but I am becoming more wet and end up having to tie my long sleeved top around my waist to cover the wet area. I have 2 children, and cannot bounce on their tampoline with them without wetting myself. I like to keep active but this is affecting my life. Help.
I'm trying to decide between the Vitality and the Ultra A. I have a prolapse which I think could be rectal as well as vaginal, so was leaning towards the Ultra A - but am intrigued by the 'Vitality' programme.

Could you either use the customise settings on the vitality to be suitable for an anal probe?

Or customise the settings on an Ultra A to replicate the 'vitality' programme?
Hello I'm using the pericalm for constipation
Working alongside with my Physio. I'm o32 and I've had constipation for years .
I just wanted to know if any one has used it
For constipation and if it was successful ? There doesn't seem to be a lot of reviews on it.

I've tried everything so I'm just praying this will work after my 12 weeks of treatment.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated .
I am 43 and have had 3 vaginal deliveries of large babies. While I do not have any incontinence or medical issues, my partner and I both notice a lack of tightness and sensation while having sex.
Which of your products would be best for me?
I have a copper IUD. Would this be a problem as far as using your products?
And finally how do I purchase your product here in India?
Hi its me again i will be buying the kegel8 vitality very soon and i have sent you a question before but i am just wanting to ask if the result i will see will be significant
I am so insecure about my pelvic floor and this seems to be a cure for it but i dont want to be dissapointed and go into this with false hopes of being as tight as i was before my children im considering vaginal tightening surgery but its very costly and i cant do it any time soon unless i win the lottery :) Anyway i would just like an honest opinion on how much of a difference this would make to me im 23 and dont think im too out of shape down there but its bugging me and i feel at an all time low at the moment i feel like im past it already and its making me not want to sleep with my husband . sorry to be so personal but i dont have anyone to talk to about this i feel like im never going to feel the way i used to and its ruining my life please just give me a possible result so lets say my pelvic strengh is at like a 4/5 out of 10 now what might it be after using this for 3 months? im sorry i know thats a stupid question but i just want some hope


I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago at the same time as repair for both uterine and rectal prolapse. I am still suffering from a very large rectal prolapse and don't want to go through anymore surgery.What pelvic toner would you advise me to purchase with the hope of solving this problem.My libido and self confidence are both extremely low and although my husband is extremely understanding and supportive I am desperate to get back to normal .
Thank you
I am seriously thinking about purchasing one of your machines but need to ask the question "Is it the right thing for me". I have been having problems with HUGE bladder leaks for over a year. The pads I wear are getting thicker and thicker. I have recently been to the doctors who on examining me has given me pelvic floor exercises and tablets for Over Active Bladder. I get an awful constant pain in the base of back and spine and pelvic area. My bladder feels very bloated and painful all the time. It almost feels like having a constant bladder infection but tests come back negative. I have just had a few days away which has been a nightmare constantly looking for loos to try and make myself more comfortable although it never does. I would be so grateful for any advise.
Is it possible to attach "Self Adhesive Electrodes" to the Kegel 8 instead of the pelvic probe. I have been using this devise very successfully for incontenence problems and wondered if it could be adapted for providing EMS to my upper back muscles. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
Help! I have the Kegel Vitality but have lost the booklet with the programme settings in. Would it be possible to either buy another booklet or be e-mailed a PDF of the programmes?

I wanted to make sure the Kegel is safe to use if you had a coil fitted? Please could you let me know.

Also, I am not sure which Kegel is suitable for me. I am 32 but have a very weak bladder and often leak, I also have low sensitivity during sex. I have never had children.

Please could you advise me on the type of kegel I should be choosing?

Many Thanks,

Just bought kegel 8 ultra 20 and notice that whilst I have sensation on other programmes there is none whatsoever on p8..It is as though that one doesn't that possible? Also what is max safe level on other programmes
I was wondering if this is the best kegal8 machine for those suffering from prolapse?

A few days after vaginal delivery of twins I prolapsed, through doing normal kegals from physio, my uterine prolapse has improved greatly, it only falls if I over do it on my feet, but I am still struggling to see improvement with my back and front walls (bowl and bladder).

I am only 23, so needless to say I am shattered and determined to at least prevent it getting worse (a mean feet considering the years I have ahead and the fact I hope to have more children down the line).

If not this machine, then which is the best for people with prolapse? And do you deliver to Australia?
Hi I had a hysterectomy three years ago i have slight urine incontinence I have notice I have pelvic and lower back pain and the sensation of heaviness in pelvis and back I would like to know which kegel 8 to get many thanks
Hi, after reading brilliant reviews I have purchased the kegel8 ultra vitality. I'm Just a bit confused as to which programmes I should be using. I don't have a problem with leaking but need to pass urine more frequently than I did before having children. I'm 24 and have had two children in the last 4 years. I no longer feel tight and mainly bought this to tighten things up and improve our sex life.
I have the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality - received on 22/7/13
I am not very good with technical things, have read all the Q&A and reviews but still am a bit confused and not sure the very best regimen I should use for my level 2 bladder prolapse.
I have been using PO2 twice a day since I started using it. There seems to be such a list of different programs recommended for prolapse and I also want the sensitivity benefit as although I am 64, life with my husband didn't finish at 39 as young people seem to think. I must say that I was probably a bit desperate to get results as quickly as possible and on occasion have done a double session of 40 mins. I felt my prolapse seemed better after only about a week, the other day however it seemed to be back to square one again, I had a rest from using it yesterday but used it this morning - always on PO2. Could you tell me what I should be doing, either different programs or am I doing right with my PO2. If you could give me the best plan of action for me I will follow it and be very grateful
Hi, Just rec'd the kegel 8 ultra vitality, have been using for about 5 days.
Had a natural delivery with episiotomy 11 years ago, with 2 cesars 14 years ago and 5 years ago. Also a touch of a prolapse. The Kegel8 ultra, looks like it is helping me to focus on the right muscles, which is a big bonus, as I couldn't tell my "arse from my elbow" so to speak, in the "down there region". When inserted vaginally, and used on PC2, cant feel left hand side at all working, which is the side I had the episiotomy on, but on the right hand side,sometimes my leg seems to be immobilised when the frequency and the mpa's are up. I am doing about 47 mpa's at the moment, reasonably comfortably, except for the leg. When this happens to the leg, I move into different position and back off on the Mpa's, is this OK? Also is it normal to feel a little irritated, "down there" internally, this is not a problem at the moment, but I have become aware of it and will use acidopholous to keep the internal eco system ok, Thank-you in advance, for your advice and for your product. I wish maternity hospitals would issue the pamphlet for this product when you leave with your baby, I could have had this problem all sorted, years ago!! Cheers! M.
Hi, I'm 37 with 3 kids. After having a very traumatic birth with the second one I was left with a weak pelvic floor and a slight rectocele. After doing all my exercises and physio things improved greatly but still have very little sensation. Just recently, after a year or two of being lazy about doing my exercises the rectocele started giving me bother again. My gynae says that she believes I can correct this with really focusing on pelvic floor exercises so I invested in a kegal 8. I've been using it every day for almost a month and already I can see an improvement however I've noticed that I have to turn up the mAs to about 65 now. When I started I could only manage around 40. Is this normal, not sure if this is a good sign or not?? Ps I've been using P02, P08 and P09 ( usually two of them each night) should I be doing more than this?
Hi have started to use my lKegel 18 I have both stressincontenence and leak dare very bad I would
Like to no what's the
Best prog to use
I have bladder prolapse after having 4 babies and 4 miscarriages.
I started this machine 3 weeks ago, once every night. I use programe 02 then 11.
In the last 3 days i noticed cramps with back pain after exercise which lasts for around 15 min.
Any advise why this is happening, do i continue exercises or need to see doctor?
And is this a side effect of using the machine?

I have struggled with incontinence for many years now, have tried the usual exercises but they've not helped. Also I have a prolapse of the back wall of the vagina which I don't wish to get any worse so have decided to try your Kegel8 Ultra Vitality.

I don't want to use an anal probe and see you have suggested the use of your Perisize Probe to other people so assume this would be suitable in my case. Would I just use that probe or should I use both probes at different times of the day?

How can I be sure I have inserted the probes correctly and they are working correctly? I am currently unmarried and do not have a partner who might otherwise tell me of any improvements.

Do you have to be stationery while using the system? I'm assuming you do, but I hate the thought of laying/sitting (which ever your guidance is) while the Kegal does it's work as I like to keep busy. I'm also worried that "sexual" desires might become present whilst the probe is being used something I would want to avoid. My concern with this comes from trying some weighted vaginal cones some years ago.

Many thanks
I am not able to decide which unit would be the best for me. I am 30 and concerned about not being tight for my partner and me to experience pleasure. Would be good to have a unit that tones, tightens and helps feel little more down there. Also does all your units provide a function to measure the pelvic strength?
Thank you.
Am trying to figure out which machine will help me out the most, I have had two large babies, and now have a loose vagina with no ssensation for my husband and I, I also just had a hysterectomy due to a prolapse uterus. I was looking at the Ultra vitality, but wanted to find out for sure what you would recommend.
Thank you.
Could you please explain what position periform probe should be inserted? Should the metal strips be facing side to side (if your looking from top metal strip are facing each thigh) or should it be placed so that one strip is facing the ground or floor and other towards top?
Which probes can be used with this device? Thx

I wonder if you can help. I am a 26 year old, have had no children but was experiencing small leaks, feelings of wetting myself (although I never have) and also 'fanny farts'. I have purchased the tight and tone and have been using programmes 5 and 8 but I'm not sure if these are right for my condition. Please could you advise me on the most suitable programmes for me.

Thanks :)
I am 52 and just been diagnosed with a first degree uterine prolapse and a slight rectocele and cystocele would it be beneficla for me to use this and would it help?
I'm 30, I did not have children, but I do have a weak pelvic floor which forces me to wear panty liners at all times and the sexual sensation is absent.
I am seriously thinking about purchasing Kegel8 Ultra Vitality.
I'm confused as to which programmes to use, what do you recommend?
Do I need to buy a different probe or the one supplied is acceptable?

Kind Regards
I have a rectocoele which is beginning to prolapse out of the vagina. I await an appointment with a gynaecologist with the probability of an operation. I really want to avoid this and think I should try a Kegel electronic exerciser. Can you advise me which would serve my problem best.
Hi, could you please tell me which probe would be best for a weak slack anterior vaginal wall?? I have been using vitality with the probe provided but haven't noticed any difference after 8 weeks. Thank-you
I have just been to the hospital where I have been told I have a prolapse and doctor suggested I see a physiotherapist to learn how to do exercises as a first step as I didn't want an operation.
Would this kegel 8 ultra vitality be suitable for me to use as well, or instead of?
I am 69years old, (soundsVERY old, but I don't feel it!) and have stress incontinence. If so, would I need to buy anything else or does it come as a complete package?
Many thanks,

Hi, it sounds very promising what you have to offer. I read nearly all the comments. Great. I have resolved that the Ultra Vitality would be the best choice for my problemos. I'm 48, two children age 10 & 12. I did some post natal exercises with a physio when my younger was 6 months old and kept repeating those, on & off, over the years. Few years ago we bought a trampoline, but I could not use it because i wet myself a bit, each time I jumped. Embarrassing for me & disappointing for the kids. Two years ago I went for a fun run with the kids, but had to walk after just half a km, and spent the rest of the day with wet, smelly pants. And my husband is not satisfied with sex, (I can tell) although not complaining openly, keeps insisting on anal sex more. I was planning a physiotherapy, but then somebody told me about machines that some physiotherapists use. This is how I googled you. I love my short but intensive daily exercises: abs and cardio. Don't want to give up on them. We are planning to buy a trampoline, again. I also want to start jogging, playing tennis, horse-riding and Zumba with my family! They need me now to be able to do all this with them!

So, Ultra Vitality will help me get there?
We live in Jakarta, Indonesia, by the way. Are you able to post to Indonesia? Thank you. Betty
Hi I have been Suffering from palvic pain for about two years now.. Pain in bladder also urge incontinence, After seeing so any different doctors with really no diagnosis I finally been diagnosed with chronic palvic pain. I was talking to a friend which recommend i tried your kegal 8 vitatily.. I have had a look at your products but am unsure which one to purchase. Kegel vitatily or the Kegel 20 ? Could u please advise to which one would suit my Symptoms?
I would be very grateful
Kind regards
I've been using the kegel 8 for about 6 months now almost every day (about 6 out of 7) on po3 and now have it set between 80 and 90 but although my intimate sensation is much better and despite losing a stone in weight so that my BMI is 25, I am still leaking at random, not a lot but it happens most days,quite often more than once. At first I thought the pelvic toner was really hoping but things have got worse again. Do you think it will ever get better? Should I try another programme? I'm 52 and have had stress incontinence off and on for about 10 years. My youngest of 3 children is now 19. I don't want to take tablets to dry me up but I am getting v concerned now. Any suggestions v welcome.
Hello there
Iam 66 old woman my problem is that when I need to go to the toilet is that when I stand up I flood, I have purchase your Kegel ultra vitality. I asked my MS nurse and my Doctor they both said to give it a try. Not sure which program to use hope you can help thankyou.
I am 59 years old and up until about 6 years ago had a fantastic sex life with great sensation for both me and my husband. This has diminished with lack of sensation and not being able to feel my husband inside me at all. Which Kegel could help me best do you think? I have 2 adult children and a coil fitted for last 10 years.

Thank you
Please can you tell me how to perform the sensation test? I would like to test the strength of pelvic floor. I have just purchased Kegel Ultra Vitality. Thank you
Hi I'm 24 years old and have 2 children since having my children I feel very loose down there and need to visit the toilet a lot more than I did. sensation during sex is not what it was and makes me so down and upset i really need to sort this problem out can you tell me which product would be best to help me with this thanks
Hi I'm using the pc2 on my vitality as you recommended
What is the optimum setting for the ma s
Is the goal to aventually have them as high as possible ? I'm currently on about 60 but wasn't sure if I'm meant to increase this when ready ? Thanks
I purchased the Kegel Ultra 20 and wow it has been brilliant. I use it every morning and night.
The first problem which I haven't really considered it to be much of a issue is I have to place the batteries 4 times since I purchase the machine just over 3 months ago.
I have had great success but over the last week I have noticed using programme 11 the machine would get though stage 1 and then it would sometimes work or not work and then the ma's drop down and I have to constantly up them or the machine turns itself out.
Yesterday using the machine, I couldn't even get it to work. As soon as I started I could not get it past 10ma's and it would drop right back to zero again. This was the same for any programes I use. I bought new expensive batteries today and unfortunely no luck it is still happening. Please help I would really like to use my machine and feel lost without it.
Thanks Stacey
I had a baby two years ago and would like to strengthen my pelvic muscles. I don't have a problem with incontinence, but I would like to increase strength and sensitivity. Which program should I use on the Kegel 8 Ultra? Thank you!
I bought the kegel 8 basic trainer and tested my level which is level 2. i have not had any child birth, but would like to tighten and improve my sex life. Also sometimes it gets difficult for me to hold when i need to go to toilet. I am not able to determine which advanced kegel unit should i buy for this purpose. Also, would buying Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe be more beneficial. If so when will it be in back in stock.

Kind Regards,
I'm 25 years old and have hardly ever had an orgasm (literally a handful of times). I enjoy sex, I am open and confident but it just won't happen for me, I've read it could be to do with my pelvic floor. When I exercise it and try to clench and hold it I can only hold it for one second if that. I've never had a baby so its not to do with that. As you can imagine I'm getting so frustrated and a little depressed to be honest. Is this product something that would help me?
Hi there I have been using the Ultra Vitality for six months now with amazing results. I started with P2 once a day for mild prolapse and urge incontinence increasing to twice day alternating P2 with P1 P3 and more recently P10 which was recommended by the continence nurse I was referred to. She also thought m virginal muscles were very lax and that my vagina was prolapsing, I am also very dry in that area. I have been prescribed estiol as a cream - I have taken this as a three month course but that has ended and although it did help the benefits are wearing off. My question really is where do I go from here, I don't know if I should carry on with the other programs and add in PC1 or if I would benefit from using PC1 every day. Also once things are as good as they are going to get what should happen regards general maintenance - ie how often should the muscles be exercised to maintain tone. I should add I am 63 post menopause. I have had vaginal deliveries with cut and tear heavy bruising stitches etc with first child and cut along old scar line with child no 2. Babies 7lb 3 and 7lb 13.
5 months ago I had a very traumatic vaginal delivery of my second daughter (first was c-section) and I've since developed what I've been told is a moderate bladder prolapse and moderate uterine prolapse. If I purchase the kegel8 to enhance my physio (I've been doing my kegels religiously) is there every chance that the symptoms I have will improve? I understand that the actual structure can't improve without surgery but the symptoms of feeling heavy when I'm on my feet for too long can get better
And which probe would you recommend please?
I have a concern as I recently clearly was giving wrong advise via correspondence and purchased the tight and tone device which after doing my own research decided I would get better results being a 35 year old no leaks or children just needing to make things much tighter. The problem is I live in the US. It took forever for the device to get here. Im so confused and disappointed as if I didn't live so far and express wasn't hundreds of dollars it would not be a issue. Now I feel stuck with a device I'm not happy with. Would really love any suggestions
I'm a new user - giving birth to a very large baby left me with slight prolapse and stress incontinence - which improved greatly with normal Kegel exercises. I wanted to get more in shape using a stimulator, but this doesn't seem to be working for me - I can feel pins and needles on low settings, and then sharp stabbing pain at higher settings, but no muscle tensing/contracting at all. Is that just not for me or I'm doing something wrong?
Hi I'm 48 years old and have been diagnosed with a cystic eel and rectocele. I have a ring pessary but it seems to be doing hardly anything to help. I have the kegel 8 ultra 20 and have been using it on programme 3 and 14 vaginally for 8 weeks, trying to avoid surgery.

Would I get any benefit from a different programme or from an anal probe or would inserting an anal probe make my rectocele worse?

Thank you for your help. At my wits end as I have a chronic lower back condition and to be immobile after surgery would cause problems.
I have been using the` athena ` for 18 months .I thought I needed a new probe and after looking on line find out this is no longer available . Your web site came up. I have an appointment for prolapes repair and dont know what to do, or buy I feel I want to look after my pelvic floor.The last device was for bladder control and did not mention prolapse I dont know if I wasted my time but i will try anything . I think I will still need the opperation but would welcome any help .Help!!!
Thank you Fiona.