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Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe


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  1. The most powerful vaginal probe on the market today
  2. Ergonomically shaped for comfortable and effective use even in seated pelvic floor exercise positions
  3. Gold plated electrodes to eliminate nickel intolerance and improve stimulation
  4. The only probe to cater for the needs of those with prolapse or low cervix
  5. If you’re not happy after 30 days, we’ll give you your money back – Purchase this product  on its own or with a lead wire in the pack size variant below

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Introducing Kegel8's first-ever vaginal probe that's like no other; we took our experience, we took your feedback and now the Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe is here!

The Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe is an innovation in pelvic floor toner probes and we believe it is the best single-channel probe available today.

Its ergonomic shape glides easily into position and is comfortable to use. We have eliminated the protruding stem which makes seated pelvic floor exercises very uncomfortable and even impossible with most other probes. Seated pelvic floor exercise positions aren't just more convenient at times, they actually optimise your posture which is clinically proven to give better results. The simplistic nature of its design makes it one of the most lightweight vaginal probes available today. When using your Kegel8 pelvic toner in a standing position, the Glide will stay effortlessly in place and won't fall out.

Inserting the Kegel8 Glide is simple, insert the probe with the electrodes positioned hip-to-hip with the 'scoop' shape downwards; it glides into position effortlessly, naturally fitting the contours of your body. And removal is just as easy; we've reinforced the wires of the probe with an outer casing which seals them from moisture ingress but also provides a pull tab so you can comfortably slide the probe out of position without damage to the wires.

What's so unique about the design of the Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe?

The Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe features 2 electrodes both carefully positioned to stimulate the back part of the pelvic floor; this is where the majority of the pelvic floor muscles are positioned which will give you noticeable results, faster.

”The latest probe, is by far the best. It is very strong and comfortable since you can easily sit while using it”
Caroline Orchard, Kegel8 Ambassador

And of course, our electrodes are gold plated - you'd expect nothing less from Kegel8! Gold plated electrodes not only make a probe suitable for those with a nickel intolerance (that's 10% of the UK population that are aware of their allergy) but gold is also a much better conductor than silver, so you'll feel far stronger and more effective stimulation pulses.

If you have a prolapse, we know just how difficult it can be to find a probe that is comfortable and right for you. With the Kegel8 Glide we've solved that problem; with no hollows that can tug and snag causing discomfort, we have managed to maintain a width that will provide effective contact with the pelvic floor muscles. What's more, the scoop design actually offers support to your prolapse whilst you exercise, making it the perfect accompanying probe to the Kegel8 Ultra 20 with its clinically proven programme to treat prolapse.

We believe the Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe is the only probe you'll ever need - try it for 30 days and if you don't agree, we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.

Purchase this product on its own or with a lead wire in the pack size variant option when adding to basket.


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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 11207
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For those who have a prolapse or low cervix; weak pelvic floor, bladder weakness. comfortable seated pelvic exercise positions; those with nickel intolerance
Can be used with Kegel8 Ultra 20, Kegel8 Tight & Tone and Tight & Tone Plus, Kegel8 Vitality
Length 60mm, width 34mm. 15mm high.
No. of Electrodes 2
Certification CE
Weight (kg) 0.0200
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Outstanding, well done Kegel8 Review by NetMumKate
Product Rating
I'll nail my colours from the get-go. I was supplied this probe by Kegel8 because I have been a long time user of the Kegel8 Ultra (5 years) and all in all I have purchased i excess of 20 probes over the years. Some better than others I hasten to add.
The Glide probe is easy to insert and BOY is it powerful! I have used the two channel probe for a year or so now but I was amazed how intense the stimulation is, I don't know if it is because it is gold plated, or because of the positioning of the electrode. Either way, I would say it is the strongest probe I have used.
The fact that they have added a reinforced plastic cover to the wire means that removing it is a doddle. No more pulling on the wire, which they say don't do, and it can dislodge the wires and make it unusable (been there done that).
The best bit is that this is finally a probe that sits inside without any annoying nobbly bit outside my body. For those users who have tried the periform and Perisphera H there are long bits sticking out and this means that exercising has to be in private. This one is brilliant. It means I can sit and check e mails or watch TV and no one in any the wiser. Hubby and 10 year old are blissfully unaware that I am exercising whist watching TV, and it doesn't fall out or move around.
I have a grade 1 cystocele so it is suitable for me, compared to other probes with a hole in them which is not suitable. This is lightweight and easy to insert and sits right against my pelvic floor.
Absolutely spot on. Well done to the designers and team at Kegel8 - this finally is a probe that does the job perfectly and may I say, you can tell it has been designed by women, because it fits perfectly.
Thank you for allowing me to try this product, I hope my review helps other with a choice, because it is an absolute winner.

(Kegel8 says, as part of our prototype run for the Glide probe we sent a number of samples to regular users. They were sent free of charge and we asked for a review that would accurately describe the plus, or minus points to the probe.) (Posted on 6 June 2016)
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So much better than the other probes Review by Very impressed
Product Rating
I bought the Kegel8 machine to help improve my prolapse. The probe that came with the machine didn't work for me as it seemed to move around, even if I was laying down, perhaps due to the prolapse. So I bought a different probe aimed at ladies with prolapse. It didn't move around so much but I still couldn't use it standing or sitting as it fell out and had hard plastic at the end so I couldn't sit.
Kegel8 kindly sent me the Glide probe. It is so much better than the other two. It doesn't move about so much and it doesn't fall out when I walk around which means I can get on with other things. This is probably because of its shape and because it is lighter than other probes. I can now sneeze without crossing my legs and can gently jog without feeling heavy down there.
I would recommend this probe very highly as it gives a strong workout and is very comfortable. (Posted on 22 June 2016)
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So comfortable Review by Bouncydog
Product Rating
As a long term user of kegel 8, I have tried a variety of probes over the years. This one is the most comfortable and you can sit up whilst using it as it doesn't fall out! I use intensive workout and weekly maintenance programmes and it seems to be equally comfortable with both programmes. It doesn't nip on removal which the "scissor action" dual wire can. In my view, if the probe is comfortable you're more likely to use the machine. (Posted on 10 June 2016)
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Good, but needs an applicator Review by Jen83
Product Rating
I've been using the Kegal8 for about 3 months now, and i've definitely noticed some improvement, so overall it's definitely worth while - i'll continue to use because I do believe it has helped.
I've decided to review this probe as i think this is what needs improving over the device.

The pros:
Easy enough instructions to follow
Easy to clean
Lasts a lot longer than the pads
Can easily be worn whilst sitting/walking around the house to go and grab a drink etc

The cons:
Like some of the other reviewers i have had discomfort during application - getting the probe far enough up the canal and in the right position without it twisting is, at times, a battle.
It really needs an applicator - just like they have for tampons. This could ensure that the probe is far enough up and sitting comfortably in the correct position every time.
Get this in the wrong position and it will either hurt or once the programme has started, you wont feel it working at all.

I do hope they develop something to assist in the application for this, because its a great device once everything is where it should be.

Overall though, definitely a good product and really does work if you keep at it. (Posted on 29 August 2016)
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Excellent Review by Sam
Product Rating
This probe is what I have been waiting for. The fact that it doesn't protrude enables me to sit and watch TV or check e mails etc. Or I can just get on with the things I have to do without fussing about the position of the probe and whether it will stay in place. No pinching either and contractions feel stronger as well. So its an all round winner. Whoever invented this should be knighted- immediately! (Posted on 11 June 2016)
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Excellent Review by Gemima
Product Rating
I have only been using this for a week, but it is fab. I only intermittently used the last one as I had to make sure I wasn't going to be sitting down during the session because it was so uncomfortable. I barely even notice I have this one in. It's also much much much more powerful. I had my last one up to 50 and still couldn't feel it and was considering visiting my doctor (I have no medical issues, have just had 3 children!), but only have to get to 28 to feel a strong pulsing. Thank goodness, I was starting to panic!!! (Posted on 29 June 2016)
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Disappointed with the quality Review by Sarah
Product Rating
I had found this probe comfortable and easy to use but I've had it less than three months and one of the wires has come loose so it no longer works at all. I'm really disappointed that this has broken so quickly as I'm always very careful with use, removal and storage. Not sure if I was just really unlucky or if the quality of the probe is a bit weak.

Hi Sarah
Oh dear I am sorry about that. We have made these extra robust but please e mail me and I'll replace that for you.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 11 October 2016)
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This probe only lasts 60 treatments so at twice a day that is one month!!!, Review by Sue
Product Rating
5* for comfort, and ease of use. I like this probe, a lot and it's much more discreet.

1* given because I got no instructions with it so have no idea how far it goes up or how to insert it correctly

And 1* for price. I like Kegal 8 , but they definately use cheap materials for their products....every item I have received so far looks cheaply made. The glide is probably one of the better quality I've received, but it says it's only suitable for 60 uses and at twice a day that's one month....a £1 a day roughly! Not all prolapsing ladies are rich you know!!! (Posted on 3 December 2016)
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Wow! Review by Jacquelyn
Product Rating
I can't believe how powerful this is for a single-channel probe! Until recently, I was using the Perisize, which was great but this is even better - and far more comfortable due to its smaller size. Very pleased :) (Posted on 12 June 2016)
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Love this!!!! Review by Cinders
Product Rating
I have 2 children and needed to be able to walk and get on with things whilst doing my kegal exercises... This is perfect, it's so much stronger than the other probe I had and do not need to manoeuvre it to make sure it's in the right place, this probe instantly hits the spot and at a low MA too. Was reaching way above 50 before. Have had 2 rather large babies and am 33yrs old, I want to continue with aerobic exercise workouts without having to empty my bladder before and during my workout, somewhat demotivating, so am hoping this will help me finish a routine without stoppages!! Only 1st week of using it but am confident!
Would definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 19 June 2016)
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Product Questions

Do I need to purchase the lead wire as well? I have the Kegel8 Ultra 20
I was so excited to receive this new probe today and wanted to try it as soon as I got home from work. However, the connectors on the probe are both white at the ends rather than one red and one black so I have no idea how it should be connected to the lead-wires as these are red and black. I can't find the information anywhere. So disappointed.
I've just purchased the Tight and Tone (it's great!) but am struggling with the Comfort Probe as no matter how still I lie (walking around would be impossible at this point), the probe twists inside my canal after a few contractions. I have to hold it in place and can't seem to get the position right as I feel the contractions on one side or the other, but seldom on both at once. I also need the setting very high to get much effect (I've had it up to 90 but usualy hover around 55-60). I'm looking for a wider probe that will stay put, and can't decide between the Glide and the Periform. I have an anterograde cervix and had both an episiotomy and a second-degree tear in childbirth (many years ago now). I can hold a 'squeeze' in the deep muscles but the muscles at the entrance are weaker on one side due to scarring and some nerve damage. Do you have a recommendation? Thank you.
You say that you sent out several samples to regular users for trial, yet there is only one review (admittedly glowing) but have the others not replied?
One swallow does not make a summer so it would be more helpful if we were able to read other reviews at the same time.
This is important as it is expensive to keep trying new probes only to find they don't work.
NetMumKate must be loaded to have bought 20 probes in five years! I have three and would have to consider well before investing in this new one.
Sorry I can't seem to find the instructions on which way the probe should be inserted?
Thank you
I have another question about where the probe should lie. ie Does insert 2 inches mean that the part where the wires go into the probe (and it says 'up') should be 2 inches inside the vagina?
Using this probe what programme should I use for a grade 1 cystocele and how often. I am using a Kegel8 ultra 20.
What is the wire for?
Hi I'm still not sure which way round the probe should go in.does the curved bit go in so the curvedout is towards the back or front of your body. Not sure which way
I understand that the gold probe has to be inserted 2inches into your vagina. Would this be a measurement taken from the bottom of the probe to the entrance of the vagina? if so, this means some of the wires will be inside my body, so not as far up as a tampon but like a tampon (i.e some string inside vagina)! Is that right? When I do it, I can feel the pulse in my clitoris, does this mean it is too low down? I have positioned it just at the entrance of my vagina so that the bottom where the wires come out is almost out of my body. I can't decide which is right or if the two inches mentioned should be at the centre at the gold part. A diagram would be really helpful.

Many thanks.
If I found that the pelviline probe twists in use, am I likely to be able to use the Glide properly please? I swapped to a Perisize initially, and had noticed that I was now setting the two channels to almost the same level so not sure if I really need a dual channel probe any more. The perisize has broken though so I'm not sure whether to replace it with the same or try the newer probe. I would like the flexibility of being able to use the toner more discreetly really, but not if it won't be as effective or possibly useless. Or I could go for both and use the Glide when discretion is necessary. Please could you advise. Thanks.
I'm trying to get some help using the probe together with the Ultra 20, but I didn't receive any instructions with it and there was no mention of it in the manual that was sent in the pack. Does anyone know where I can get some help?
I've had the glide for a few days, due to occasional stress incontinece and stretching and lack of sensation after 2 childbirths.
It seems to be working fine if I lie down or stand up but if I sit down it seems to glide too high up and I no longer feel the pulsing. Does this mean another probe would be more suitable for me?