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Kegels For Men

The pelvic floor is an important part of every man's body, and because we can't see it, it often gets neglected. The pelvic floor helps you to control your bladder and bowel and plays an important part in healthy sexual function. A strong and healthy pelvic floor can help you to prevent and treat pelvic pain and lack of sensation too.

Kegel8 Has The Solution

  • Medically approved electronic Kegel exerciser for men
  • Electronically strengthens your pelvic floor
  • Locates and exercises your pelvic floor muscles
  • Programmes devised by physiotherapists
  • Bladder and bowel control & improved sexual function
  • Vigour – Virility – Vitality

Most men know about pelvic floor exercise or Kegel exercise for women, but most men don't know that pelvic floor exercise is an important part of every man's health and wellbeing too. Pelvic floor exercise is becoming increasingly recognised as a first-line treatment for male incontinence, problems with erections and premature ejaculation, as well as being an important part of recovery after pelvic surgery, such as prostate surgery.

Kegel8 V For Men Newsletter

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Pelvic floor exercise has been proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction.[1]

Lack of bladder and bowel control and concerns about sexual function can really take a toll on your self-esteem and knock your confidence. But don't suffer in silence. Kegel8 V For Men's medically approved programmes can help you with a wide range of pelvic floor concerns:

  • Lack of intimate sensation
  • Bowel incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Problems with erections
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Pelvic pain (can be programmed to help with male pelvic pain)
  • And much more

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What's more, Kegel8 V For Men's programmes have been developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist, and the device is classified as a Class IIa medical device, meaning that it is backed up with medical evidence, so you know that it works.

Take control today and get strong and healthy from the inside out with Kegel8 V For Men.

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