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Surgery for Male Incontinence

If more conservative treatment for male incontinence hasn’t been effective, there are several surgeries available to help you regain control of your bladder.

If your health professional feels that diet and lifestyle changes, medication and other more conservative treatment options haven’t been successful in treating your leaks, there are a number of surgery options available, and the choice of procedure is determined by the cause of your incontinence.

Prostate surgery: a great deal of male stress incontinence and overflow incontinence is caused by an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate is not necessarily something sinister – it can be caused by a condition called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or can simply be ‘one of those things’. Surgeons can reduce the size of the prostate, meaning that it presses less on the bladder, which makes you need to go to the toilet less frequently.

Artificial sphincter: if incontinence is really severe and you are suffering leaks all the time, surgeons can implant an artificial sphincter. This involves implanting a valve which can be opened and closed when you want to go to the toilet. This means that leaks can’t escape and are held in place until you get to the toilet.

Urethral bulking: a surgeon can inject a filling material around the urethra in order to build up the thickness of the walls of the urethra, meaning that urine can be better controlled.

Bulbourethral sling: a new procedure being used works on the principle of applying a sling under the urethra and attaching it to the pubic bone, meaning that there is less pressure from the abdomen on the urethra, meaning that urine can be better controlled.

However, surgery may treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause.

Whether you choose to undergo surgery or not, it’s wise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles too. These muscles help to control when your bladder contracts and help to support your pelvic organs. Even if you undergo surgery for incontinence, it won’t strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

Kegel8 has the solution.

Whether you’re looking for more conservative treatment methods or you’ve chosen to undergo surgery, strengthening your male pelvic floor muscles with Kegel8 V for Men will help you to regain control of your bladder and your life. In just minutes a day, you’ll start to notice a difference in a matter of weeks.

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