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Find out all about the new EVB sport range and how it can help your pelvic floor

Yvonne Brady was much like the rest of us in 2010, a hardworking mum of three who wanted to get back in to shape after the birth of her third    child. After taking up running with her local running club and setting herself the challenge of running a marathon, she was feeling “confident” and  “bullet proof again”.


However, one evening in August whilst training for the marathon and running 18 miles she had an experience that many  women have had before and never dared talk about, she wet herself.

Physiotherapist Maeve Whelan explains that by supporting your core when you exercise you are actually protecting your pelvic floor muscles  and the EVB Sportswear show 71% pressure reduction on the pelvic floor muscles.

EVB is recommended by Olympic athletes and maternity hospitals around the world because it is so effective. 100% of them said they felt much  more supported and confident.

Just like us here at Kegel8, EVB Sport’s main goal is not only to physically support women but to allow them to  regain what pelvic floor dysfunction can take away, their confidence.


They are without a doubt a must have for any woman who wants to ensure her pelvic floor is in tip top condition.

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