Pelvic organ prolapses are not life threatening. While it's true that pelvic organ prolapses can become serious if left to progress, this isn't to say that with the correct treatment and some simple lifestyle changes, you can't get back to feeling yourself again.

Performing regular pelvic floor / Kegel exercises and watching what you eat can make a world of difference to those dealing with prolapse.

The most important this to remember is that you're not alone, many women (not forgetting men) can experience some form of pelvic organ prolapse during their lifetime. For first-hand accounts of dealing with these issues take a look at our Success Stories where people have been brave enough to share their experience to help you understand the steps to recovery.

Tips to Make Life with a Prolapse Easier

There are numerous steps you can take to make life easier if you're suffering from a pelvic organ prolapse. You can swap high impact exercise for low impact exercises, and make some simple diet changes to lessen your symptoms and get you back into your daily routine.

Browse the pages below for our top tips to make life with a prolapse easier: