SRC Health Postpartum Recovery Shorts

SRC Health Postpartum Recovery Shorts

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  • Created in consultation with an obstetrician
  • Designed to speed up post pregnancy recovery – whether after a caesarean section or vaginal birth
  • Made from breathable materials to keep you comfortable, dry and cool even in warmer climates
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals for their ability to improve mobility and pelvic muscle function
  • Anatomical support panels deliver targeted compression to treat conditions such as perineal wounds and diastasis of rectus abdominis muscles (DRAM) after pregnancy.

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Recover Faster and Embrace Early Motherhood Bliss

Pregnancy marks a profound chapter in a woman’s life, and the initial weeks of motherhood are a time to cherish. However, this precious period can be overshadowed by discomfort from C-section deliveries or perineal damage. Juggling the demands of caring for your newborn with your own recovery can be daunting. Fortunately, the SRC Health Recovery Shorts are meticulously crafted with insights from leading obstetricians, gynecologists, and midwives. Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, these shorts offer targeted support for various postpartum challenges:

  • Back Panel: Provides support from the upper back (T2) to the lower back (L5).
  • Abdominal Panel: Aids in muscle separation recovery.
  • Gusset Panel: Supports perineal trauma or C-section wounds.
  • Leg Panel: Enhances blood circulation.

Postpartum recovery, whether from vaginal birth or C-section, requires careful healing. The SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings facilitate this process by promoting healthy blood flow and reducing discomfort. By preventing vein expansion, these leggings ensure consistent blood flow, essential for wound repair.

Discreet and Comfortable Support

Designed to feel like a second skin, these shorts offer discreet support under clothing. Made from breathable materials, they provide comfort throughout the day. Additionally, the SRC Recovery Shorts Mini Length option is perfect for warmer weather or shorter attire.

Benefits of Recovery Shorts

Studies demonstrate that gentle, medical-grade compression aids muscle recovery and encourages blood circulation. The SRC Recovery Shorts utilize multi-layered support panels to deliver consistent compression, promoting mobility and comfort. Crafted from lightweight, odour-eliminating fabric, these shorts ensure durability and comfort, making them ideal for extended wear.

Addressing Post-Birth Challenges

Postpartum issues like Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle (DRAM) and lower back pain are common. The SRC Recovery Shorts offer targeted support to alleviate these discomforts. The top front panel aids in closing muscle gaps, while the back panel provides stability and reduces lower back pain. Whether recovering from vaginal tears or C-section incisions, rest, ice, and compression are essential. The SRC Recovery Shorts excel in this regard, providing gentle compression to intimate areas and promoting healthy blood flow.

Recognized Excellence

Winner of the Australian Bounty Baby Award, the SRC Recovery Shorts stand out among postpartum products. Their effectiveness and utility make them indispensable for mothers during and after pregnancy.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Ensure a proper fit by consulting our sizing guide. Measure around the hips at the widest point, over the pubic bone and buttocks, for accurate sizing.

3X Small: 79 – 83 Centimetres

2X Small: 84 – 88 Centimetres

X Small: 89 – 93 Centimetres

Small: 94 – 98 Centimetres

Medium: 99 – 104 Centimetres

Large: 105 – 112 Centimetres

X Large: 113 – 121 Centimetres

2X Large: 122 – 130 Centimetres

3X Large: 131 – 138.5 Centimetres

Customer Reviews

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Best postpartum purchase
Review by Hannah K (Review direct from SRC Health website)
Love love love them! Have worn them every day since delivery 4 weeks ago. Feel like they hold me together and are putting things back to wear they belong. Particularly love the support through the gusset. Will need to be weaned off them when the time comes!
Product Rating
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Absolutely LOVE!
Review by Talia S
I am currently 13 days PP and have been wearing since day 6. Felt a massive difference within a DAY!! Feeling more in place and much tighter than previously. Very thankful for this product!

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