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Analys Nickel-Free Anal Probe

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  1. Analys Nickel-Free Anal Probe
  2. Slim design
  3. Gold plated electrodes - ideal for nickel allergies
  4. Suitable for EMS & Biofeedback
  5. Contoured shape for your body

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Ideal for both men and women, the Analys Nickel Free Anal Probe is the perfect addition to your Kegel8 electronic pelvic toner. The Analys Anal Probe is our slimmest probe and can be used to stimulate deep within the pelvic floor muscles and can also be used to exercise the anal sphincter muscles. The gold-plated electrodes make it ideal for those with a nickel allergy and these electrodes also mean that the electrical current is transferred even more efficiently to your muscles. The two lateral bar electrodes also make it ideal for EMG and biofeedback in conjunction with a physiotherapist.

For Women: The Analys Nickel Free Anal Probe is primarily designed for anal use, however it can be used vaginally if you prefer a very slim probe or if you suffer from vaginal atrophy. There are 3 rings on the probe to help you to control the depth of insertion - insert it as far as the first ring to target your anal sphincter muscles, ideal if you suffer from bowel incontinence or excessive flatulence, or insert it as far as the third ring to target deep within your pelvic floor which is a great way to treat rectocele (rectal prolapse) and overall pelvic floor weakness.

For Men: The Analys Nickel Free Anal probe is a fantastic probe for a thorough pelvic floor workout. Ideal for men who suffer from nickel allergies, Analys can be used to stimulate both the anal sphincter muscles (perfect if you suffer bowel incontinence or excessive flatulence) or deep within the pelvic floor which is a proven way to help with healthy erections, erectile dysfunction, overall pelvic floor weakness and bladder weakness.

A lead wire is included with this probe so that you can connect it to your Kegel8 unit and start exercising with your new probe right away.

Pigtail Connectors

This probe is fitted with 2mm male pigtail connectors and is compatible with your Kegel8 device via your leadwire.

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SKU / Product Code 82610

Analys Nickel-Free Anal Probe Reviews

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More powerful than the slim one, better for me.
Review by JB posted on 6 April 2013
I use an anal probe to strengthen my pelvic floor and also stimulate via the perineum. I found that the standard slim probe seemed to irritate me. I had not realised that I could be intollerant to nickle. I carried on using the skin electrodes and the irritation went away so I realised it must have been the probe, not the electrical stimulation. I called the helpline and they recommended this probe, and although it doesn't have a safety hilt like the other one (I think I would have preferred that) it is easier to use and I have no irritation at all (have used for 3 months now). I also find that the stimulation from this probe is smooth and actually feels more powerful (I don't know if that is a fact, but that is how it feels). So for anyone who has an adverse reaction like I did I would recommend trying this. Maybe in future all the probes will be gold plated to overcome this potential problem?
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Should have chosen another one
Review by Lindylou posted on 1 August 2013
I suffer from rectal pain after defecation (proctalgia), and had been advised that I needed to stimulate inside. I already had 2 probes but had been using them vaginally as it was too painful the other way. I did eventually try the anuform probe anally but it was painful to insert etc.
I decided I should get a slim one that would be easier to use anally and ordered this one.
Like the previous reviewer I think it should have a safety hilt.. It does not seem to know where to stop when inserting which I think is dangerous, and it quite often slips out a bit anyway after insertion. Lastly it is a ..... nuisance to clean because of the 3 rings..
I would have bought one of the others instead of this one in the first place (the long one with the safety hilt), but i needed one for use with Biofeedback as my physio advised and quite a few of the anal ones do not state this.

Dear Lindylou
Thank you for your feedback an your comments. I wanted to let you know that we have fed-back your comments re: safety hilt to the French Manufacturer - we hope they will take your comments on-board. We are also updating all our probes to reflect whether they can be used with biofeedback or not - this will be shown in the 'additional information' area of the product details, this 'at-a-glance information should help buyers such as yourself and Physiotherapists when choosing probes.
In the meantime, if you would like select another probe from the Kegel8 range of anal probes that will enable you to perform biofeedback please do contact me with your address and I shall send you one with our compliments.
[email protected]
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not sure - nothing to compare with
Review by kate posted on 19 September 2013
I bought this to use as well as the vaginal probe-- I have moderate rectocele and cystocele .. (well I think AND HOPE it s moderate!) I find this uncomfortable- seems to burn/sting if I take it higher than 18MA and I am not sure if its doing much at all- as you don't get the same squeeze as the vaginal muscles --however I will persevere.
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Product Questions

hi i have the kegel 8 vitality and am really impressed with my results so far and im going to buy the nickle free vaginal probe when it comes back in stock , i was just wondering if i could ask if using an anal probe would help to strengthen my pelvic floor ? what benefits does stimulating your bum have and will it improve my results? thankyou x
I have bought this probe because I have a medium rectal prolapse into the back of my vagina and I have three questions about it. 1) How do you know how far to insert the probe? 2) It has gold patches on two sides, should these patches be positioned side to side or front to back inside the anus/rectum and 3) does it make any difference whether I plug the lead into the A side or the B side of Kegel 8 Ultra machine?