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Books, DVD's and CD's

Take a look through our library of Kegel8 recommended books, DVD's and CD's. All designed to support you and your pelvic health.

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  1. Inside Out: Prolapse Exercises, Book by Michelle Kenway
  2. Inside Out: A Complete Guide to Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises for Women, Book by Michelle Kenway
  3. Inside Out: Strength and Core Workout DVD with Michelle Kenway
  4. Inside Out Strength: Pelvic Floor Safe Strength Exercises for Women, DVD with Michelle Kenway
  5. Pelvic Floor Recovery – Physiotherapy for Gynaecological & Colorectal Repair Surgery by Physiotherapist, Sue Croft
  6. Hab It Pelvic Floor Exercise, DVD by Tasha Mulligan INCLUDES FREE Exercise Band
  7. Inside Out Strength: Prolapse Recovery Pack, with Michelle Kenway
  8. Inside Out Strength: Super Saver Pack, with Michelle Kenway
  9. Beyond Basics: Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain, DVD by Amy Stein
  10. Sue Croft Pelvic Floor Essentials – Recovery, Training & Prolapse Management
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10 Items

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