Inside Out: Strength and Core Workout DVD with Michelle Kenway

Inside Out: Strength and Core Workout DVD with Michelle Kenway

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  • Physiotherapist led strength and core workout
  • Protect your pelvic floor whilst improving your strength and flexibility
  • Ideal for women with a pelvic organ prolapse, hysterectomy or post-childbirth
  • Relieve joint and muscle stiffness
  • Suitable for all ability levels

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Strength and core exercises are great for maintaining joint and bone health and reducing muscle pain. At the same time they strengthen and tone your muscles, however, inappropriate exercises can contribute to pelvic floor injuries. But don't be fearful about exercising. Top Physiotherapist, Michelle Kenway, has designed this to help you exercise with confidence that you are protecting your pelvic floor. Perfect for all women, especially those with a heightened risk of pelvic floor injury or those currently suffering with a pelvic organ prolapse. 

45 minutes of strengthening exercises, set to music to keep you focused, followed by a relaxing 10 minute full body stretching routine, for a total 55 minute workout. Select the parts of the routine you want to perform if you are pushed for time. Or run through it all at once for a full workout.


Customer Reviews

Product Rating
not a pelvic floor workout, only pelvic floor friendly.
Review by Annie
It is not made to strengthen pelvic floor, just a normal workout but on a ball so it doesn't damage pelvic floor.
i got it as i wanted to do more pelvic floor exercises on top of my ultra20
i have very weak muscles and not able to hold do the lift and hold pelvic floor for 8 sec which is the only excersise that uses your pelvic floor.
Product Rating
I have a bladder prolapse ...
Review by Melisa Flint
I have a bladder prolapse and I have been a keen sportswoman. I am determined to stop this getting worse (I’m told it is a grade 2 prolapse and I must make sure I don’t go to 3 - no way back). Therefore I have bought a kegle8 pelvic floor exerciser (Very Good!) I’ve bought some SRC support shorts to support my pelvic floor, I have lost 12lbs in weight that had crept on, but I was advised is a real problem for a prolapse. Also I use a pessary, I tried a pessary sponge it was OKish. The incostress fell out and wasn’t suitable, but I have found real relief and support from a Contam pessary, its like a foam tampon which supports when I run and exert energy. I am following this exercise routine from Michelle Kenway as it includes exercises suitable for me. It is difficult to find exercises that don’t include a lot of downward pressure which puts intolerable pressure on a prolapsed bladder. She’s very likeable, I would be able to do them if I didn’t like her, I have found this really useful and I know my core is stronger and my lower back pain is now non existent. Whether that is because of my weight loss, more activity or stronger pelvic floor muscles or better core muscles I’m not sure. But I can’t feel the prolapse bulge anymore and that has been an absolute revelation. If I can do it, so can anyone else. Don’t let a prolapse stop you getting on with your life!

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