It’s 12 weeks to Christmas, and at Kegel8, we’re determined to help you get leak-free, zest up your love life and make you feel strong, happy and healthy from the inside out before the 25th December.

We’ve always recommended that you exercise every day for 12 weeks when you first get your Kegel8 so if you start now, you too can have a strong and healthy pelvic floor by the time Santa comes calling.

12 Weeks To Christmas With Kegel8

Between now and Christmas, every Wednesday we’ll be bringing you a blog to motivate you to do your Kegel8 exercises to make sure you’re in the best shape ever come Christmas.

If you’re just starting out on your Kegel8 journey, it doesn’t matter whether you have prolapse, whether you leak when you laugh, whether those intimate moments just don’t feel the same any more, or whether your pelvic floor is already strong and healthy and you just want to Kegel exercise for health – every journey starts with a step.

Whether you’re brand new to Kegel exercise, or whether you’ve got a dusty Kegel8 tucked away in your knicker drawer, get it out and start today. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start seeing great results – that applies to men too!

Our advice for this week is to start low and slow – as long as you’re working with your mAs above 25, your muscles are getting a good workout. Don’t assume that because the machine goes up to 90mA then that’s what you’re aiming for – it’s not. Everyone is different and if you put the mAs up too high and too fast so that it’s uncomfortable, it can be counterproductive because your pelvic floor is like any other muscle in your body – if you over work it, it will get tired and your leaks can get worse.

When you first start using your Kegel8 use it at a level where you can feel it giving your muscles a nice strong pull, but not so that it’s uncomfortable.

Don’t worry at all if you need to start at a low level, that’s just a sign that your muscles are weak but we can work on that together. Use your Kegel8 every day, and you’ll find that as your muscles get stronger, you’ll be able to take the mAs higher and really ramp up your workout.

Remember that if you need any help getting started with your Kegel8 exercises, our Kegel8 advisors are happy to help. Don’t be embarrassed – in our offices we all use Kegel8 and we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Our all-female advisors can talk you through how to get the best from your exercise.

12 weeks to Christmas – get started today. Don’t forget – every journey starts with a Kegel!

Check back next Wednesday for our next blog in the series.

Best wishes, Heather@Kegel8