5 Top Tips to Treat & Prevent Leaks

Now it's happened to you...

Those 'little leaks' when you cough, sneeze or laugh a little too hard are now happening to you and you don't know why. Is it age, is it because you've had children, is this now your life - adding Tena Lady to the weekly shopping list?

Absolutely not!!! There are numerous factors that can be causing you to have incontinence, but we have put together the top 5 tips for treating and preventing incontinence.

Top 5 tips to treat and prevent those leaks:

  1. Avoid constipation - when you are constipated not only does your bowel push onto your bladder making you need the loo but it also puts added strain on the pelvic floor. Take a look at our Go Better Stool for easier pooping!
  2. Do your Kegels - your pelvic floor is a hammock-like group of muscles that run from the pubic bone at the front to the tail bone at the back and support your pelvic organs including your bladder and bowel, our best-seller the Kegel8 Ultra 20 is a must for accurate Kegel exercises.
  3. Lose weight - if you are overweight this can put added strain on the pelvic floor muscles making them unable to support your bladder how they should be.
  4. Quit smoking - smokers cough and when you cough there is strain on the pelvic floor, the more you cough the more weaken the pelvic floor muscles (and let's be honest you should be quitting for all of the health benefits as well!).
  5. Cut down on caffeine and spicy foods - Caffeine and spicy and acidic foods are bladder irritants. Try cutting out different foods or drinks that you think may be causing your bladder weakness and after a week try re-introducing them back into your diet, if you find that something does make a difference to your bladder habits just cut down on your intake, our free bladder diary can help you to keep track of your bladder habits.