Bodyform Pads Spoof Film Goes Viral

This is the week that the makers of Bodyform pads scored a massive PR hit with a spoof complaint on its Facebook page.

Puzzled 'boyfriend' Richard Neill posted a comment on the Facebook page of Bodyform on 8 October, explaining how confused he was after seeing their adverts for their period panty pads.

Richard says that as a boy he watched jolly, carefree women cavorting along the beach and hurling themselves out of air planes, having 'blue water' periods that gave them fun-sounding 'wings', all to the soundtrack of the raunchy 'Woah Bodyform' theme song.

Bodyform responds to Richards Facebook post with a 2 minute film from 'boss' Caroline Williams who proceeds to tell Richard exactly how it is. Classic PR stuff and one to raise a smile all round!

As an aside Bodyform Panty Pad manufacturers spend a whopping £25 million pounds a year on advertising - this is one occasion when an ad has gone viral - over 2 million hits on You Tube to date, for very little cost.

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