Charlotte Crosby: Me Me Me... and wee!

Did anyone catch this interview last week? We felt for Geordie Shore's Charlotte… how did it make you feel?

Charlotte Crosby, one of the most outrageous and outspoken reality TV stars was a guest on ITV’s Lorraine last week to promote the launch of her new book Me Me Me… but the aim quickly got lost as the subject of her bed-wetting habits were brought to the forefront.

“Are you not embarrassed?... Not even when you wet yourself on tele?”

Charlotte: “No, because it’s so normal now”

Lorraine: “No it’s not, it really isn’t”

Charlotte: “I would be embarrassed if people didn’t like it”

Lorraine: “Well can I say to you a lot of people don’t, I don’t. I really don’t love, I have to be honest with you.”

Charlotte: “I don’t do it on purpose, it’s purely just because it’s an accident!”

We have to say we felt for Charlotte; at 25 years old her understanding of why she loses control of her bladder at night is understandably a mystery to her!

Lorraine: “But you can get help, there is help out there”

Charlotte: “What would the help be?”

Lorraine: “Well there’s exercises you could do”

Charlotte was none the wiser and we understand why.

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