The Daily Mail 16th October 2012

A Daily Mail Article featuring Mark Slack, a consultant urogynaecologist at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge seems to have prompted some very painful comments from women about the mesh TVT operation in particular - here's just a taster.

Some of the responses to the article include:

Gill from Bristol says 'In a recent survey 62% of GP practices just gave out an exercise sheet despite the fact that there are no clinical trials or NICE recommendations that show that handing out a leaflet is an effective treatment'.

M49tan from Farnham says 'I had a mesh TVT Operation in 2003, and have suffered since 2005... I suffer much pain in the groin which spreads up to the shoulders and everywhere else.... this is widespread inflammation caused by this MESH TVT, so if you have these symptoms having had one of these MESH DEVICES it is due to this MESH....if you have an autoimmune condition that too will be made worse'.

Elaine in Glasgow says 'It is worrying that Dr Slack and others play down the risks associated with TVT devices. Yesterday, Australia announced a large class action against a leading mesh manufacturer - New Zealand did likewise last week & USA & Canada are inundated with adverse incidents regarding these devices'.

Dinkydo in Farnborough comments 'I bet they don't tell the unsuspecting patient of the all the explants they are doing!! My life has been ruined beyond repair!'

Candid and shockingly sad comments from DM readers. Whilst we congratulate The Daily Mail for featuring this article about the taboo and un-sexy subject of prolapse, bladder weakness and adult incontinence - thats urine and possibly faecal incontinence too. We wanted them to know that surgery is not the only option - as 1000's of Kegel8 users already know!

Here's our letter to Justine Hancock, the Editor of Good Health.