How to prevent bladder leaks by using the brace technique for bladder incontinence and leaks.

The time for winter colds and flu are nearly upon us so here's a helpful hint from Kegel8- "Squeeze before you sneeze"

Known as the Pelvic Brace, or bracing the pelvic floor, this simple technique can help you to keep dry from those awful sneeze and laughter leaks and protect your pelvic floor too - especially if you have prolapsed and you know your pelvic floor is particularly weak.

How Do You Kegel Brace?

Contract your pelvic floor when you feel a sneeze building - as you do when you perform a kegel exercise so that the excessive pressure won't catch those fast twitch fibres napping and leave you wet. The fast twitch fibres of your pelvic floor are the ones that contract quickly to keep in your urine, wind and poo - you need to exercise these by performing fast Kegel exercises - usually squeeze and lift for 1 or 2 seconds and relax for 1 or 2 seconds - go on - try it now! It's not always as easy as you think but these are vital for minimising accidents and further pelvic damage.

By bracing your pelvic floor you are helping to support your pelvic organs, this is vital not only if you have a weak pelvic floor and suffer with wetness, but also if you have prolapsed organs or have had surgery.

Great news too that The Cardiff University Common Cold Centre have said results from their clinical studies prove that Echinacea can reduce colds by 26% also taking it can also reduce the duration of the cold  - this could really help your pelvic floor this winter!

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