If you happened to see the Lorraine Kelly show on ITV this morning you might just realise how important pelvic health can be - especially after seeing Dr Hilary's Secret Surgery.

According to the show, some 84% of women who responded to their survey have a bladder weakness problem and while some may opt for a medical solution, many will want to find an alternative to surgery.

Pelvic Floor Exercises are the first line treatment for a weak pelvic floor as recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) but we all know these muscles are notoriously difficult to locate let alone exercise.

Kegel8's Managing Director Stephanie Taylor says:

'Wearing a pad is like sticking a plaster over the problem - Government figures state 1 in 3 women suffer,  but Lorraine's figure of 84% is, I think, more realistic. Some women think that bladder weakness is a natural result of childbirth and ageing and are unaware that the problem will get worse in time to the extent that 50% of women will suffer prolapse. Kegel exercises should be as natural and routine for women as cleaning our teeth - twice a day for a few minutes. At Kegel8 we've taken the guesswork out of Kegel Exercises and our registered medical devices do the pelvic floor exercise for you. We are passionate about educating women about their importance and dedicated to helping women stay in control whatever their age!'