'Dry January' is your chance to feel better, save money and make a difference to your pelvic floor too. That's right - laying off the booze (at least for January) will not only help reduce your waistline and save you pennies - but also help your pelvic floor.

The 'Dry January' campaign is being run by Alcohol Concern urging drinkers to shun 'loopy juice'.

How Can 'Dry January' Help with Bladder Weakness?

You'll be amazed! Many of us don't realise that two large glasses of white wine not only puts us over the recommended daily limit for alcohol consumption, but also provides us with nearly 20% of our recommended daily calorie intake - that's a whopping  370 calories.

Kegel8 user Joanne says 'I have a demanding job and I got into the habit of having a few glasses of wine in the evening. Over the course of a year I had put on a stone in weight and panty-pad use was an everyday necessity because I kept having accidents, not making it to the loo in time, or just not being able to get my knickers down before I started weeing. I just didn't link my stress incontinence with my increased weight'.

Joanne hadn't realised that the extra weight she was packing on with her daily wine consumption was adding extra pressure to her already weak pelvic floor and was probably the cause of her bladder weakness.

'I knew I had to do something, I'm 39 years old and I didn't want to be 'Fat and Forty!' I bought a Kegel8 and joined a slimming class. Within two months I had lost 7lbs in weight and my stronger pelvic floor muscle meant that I no longer needed the protection of panty pads.'

What Joanne also didn't realise was that alcohol is a diuretic - a substance that makes us wee more often. Cutting down on the amount of alcohol she was consuming certainly did help her incontinence symptoms - and of course using her Kegel8 strengthened her pelvic floor too!

So here at Kegel8 we've signed up for 'Dry January' (Emma is pregnant so it's 'Dry 9 Months' for her) and we've pledged to banish alcohol for January.

We'd love you to join us for 'Dry January'. Your waistline and bladder will really benefit.

If, like Joanne you find at the end of January that your bladder has benefitted as well as your waistline let us know so we can share your stories with other women too!

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