New Year is a time for resolutions and new starts, and if your resolution for 2013 is to lose weight, get healthier or get fitter, you should start from the inside out by strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegel8.

There's no point toning and training the outside of your body if the inside is weak and sagging, so make Kegel8 exercises a part of your weekly exercise regime and you will notice a huge difference - no more laughter leaks, better intimate sensation and - did you know - a tighter pelvic floor can help to give you a flatter tummy too!

Our brand new Kegel8 Trainer with its unique Squeeze Scale is the perfect way to perform your Kegel exercises - squeeze against the unique inflatable probe and the Trainer will tell you your Squeeze Scale.

The Squeeze Scale ranges from 1-9 with around 5 being average, so even if you think that you're a Kegel pro, there is always something higher to aim for! Kegel8 Trainer will then guide you through perfect Kegel exercises at the ideal level for you and guides you through different 'squeeze and release' patterns to exercise both the slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibres of your pelvic floor to help you to treat and prevent leaks, prepare your body for pregnancy or simply to help you to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor!

If you think that your pelvic floor is already strong and are looking for the next challenge, the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Barbell could be for you. The weighted barbell, made of medical-grade stainless steel offers different levels of exercise intensity - if you think that your pelvic floor muscles are super-strong already, try to Kegel holding the thinner end of the barbell with the wider end pointing downwards against gravity - it's no mean feat!

If you prefer an electronic exerciser, then there is of course our tried and tested Kegel8 Ultra 20. With 20 clinically proven programmes for incontinence, prolapse, intimate sensation and our fantastic overall pelvic floor workout, Kegel8 Ultra exercises over 90% of your pelvic floor muscles for an intense workout and sensational results.

So here's to a fit and healthy 2013 - New Year New You from the inside out with Kegel8.