Urinary incontinence is annoying. Fact! But whilst your Kegel8 is working away to eradicate the problem, you're probably eager to know what you can do to curb it in the meantime?

We've compiled a few of the most commonly-used things that can both cause and worsen your case of incontinence; you might want to stay well clear of them!


Yep, sorry ladies but that much needed 'after work glass-then-bottle of wine' is doing more damage than you suspected! Alcohol increases urine production and makes you dehydrated- which then makes you drink more. It's a revolving circle!

Stay away from: Vodka & Red Bull, Whisky & Coke. Not only are these tipples alcoholic but the added caffeine from the mixers will make stress urinary incontinence even worse. If you really need a pick me up or a de-stress, treat yourself to a glass (singular!) of red wine or a single measure of Brandy. Red wine can lower cholesterol and keep heart disease at bay, whilst Brandy contains immune-boosting anti-oxidants and is great in winter if you've got a cold!


If you suffer from troublesome sinuses, Sudafed is probably your best friend and confidant come sinus time! However, decongestants like this actually tighten the urinary sphincter and can cause urinary retention and overflow incontinence.


If you're feeling stuffy, try getting a bowl of hot water; put a couple of drops of tea tree oil or menthol in there. Hover your face over the steamy bowl and cover your head with a towel to keep the steam in. Close eyes and inhale. Is also great for opening pores pre-facial!


Say goodbye to tea, coffee, cola, and energy drinks! Why? It increases urine production. If you're finding it hard to stay awake after a night of hot sweats or a crying infant (us women have all the fun) caffeine can actually make you more irritable and dehydrated than to start with.

Solution? Try Green Tea or herbal tea with 'natural' caffeine properties such as Gingko or Guarana.