Living with incontinence is so expensive - a year's supply of incontinence pads will cost you around £305! We've got a way you can cure your incontinence in only 12 weeks, for less than the price of a coffee per day!

The many downsides of incontinence pads


Most people with incontinence use around 4 incontinence pads per day - over 12 weeks this works out at around £70, and £305 per year. Given that pads won't do anything to alleviate your symptoms, this will add up to thousands over your lifetime!


The plastics, adhesives and chemical gels in incontinence pads can wreak havoc on your skin. Lack of breathe-ability leads to sweating and chafing down there; hardly a pleasant way to walk around all day! There's also the issue of trying to hide a bulky pad under clothes, which can seriously restrict your wardrobe and lifestyle.


A 2010 research study* found a link between incontinence pads and urinary tract infections. 41% of incontinent patients using pads developed one or more UTIs during the year long study. This is compared to only 11% of those not using pads. The material used in incontinence pads makes it easier for bacteria to end up in your urinary tract, causing painful cystitis.

Environmental damage

Pads are 90% plastic, making them not biodegradable. This means every pad you throw away will end up in a landfill, adding to the 200,000 tonnes of sanitary waste that are thrown away each year! Treat your incontinence instead of just absorbing leaks - you'll be doing yourself and the planet a big favour.

Go pad free in 12 weeks for £1.90 a day!

The Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner features programmes specifically designed to treat all forms of incontinence. Just 12 weeks of treatment for 30 minutes a day has been proven to significantly reduce leaks, and can totally cure your incontinence. No more pads!

We've been crunching the numbers and found that 12 weeks of treatment with your Ultra 20 amounts to only £1.90 a day. Just cut out takeaway coffee for 3 months and you've covered it (it's a bladder irritant anyway!). Paying for incontinence pads will cost you thousands over the years and does nothing to address your symptoms. Escape the discomfort and expense of incontinence pads with a Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner!


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