Here's a round up of places Kegel8 has popped up recently around the internet.

Since 1988, Kegel8 has been one of the UK's largest and longest established healthcare suppliers. So it comes as no surprise when people mention Kegel8 and what we do for them. Here's a short collection of recent mentions on the internet we'd like to share.

Have you seen Kegel8 mentioned anywhere else? Drop us a line and let us know!

First off, Kegel8 was in Edinburgh a while back, meeting and greeting customers in addition to answering questions. It was exciting to see so many ladies who were curious about how to effectively obtain a tighter vagina and cure stress incontinence.

Then we head off over to Woman's World where we were featured along with the Incostress in Five Ways to Discover Your Pelvic Floor. Here you can find some really good information about how to find your pelvic floor, test it and strengthen it.

Next we find ourselves on Having My Cake and Eating it Too where the lovely Joanna Cake tells us about the time she used her Kegel8 as a Sex Toy! The story may be too risque for reading at work but is definitely worth the read.

Joanna's also been nice enough to write up a review on our Kegel8 Exercise Cones. It's always refreshing to hear what other customers honestly think about our products rather than reading what a company's marketing department has to say. Wouldn't you agree?

Going back about a month ago, Kegel8 announced that we were participating in the Breast Cancer Campaign's Wear it Pink day. If you follow us on Facebook then you may have already seen our pictures. Everybody was such a good sport about participating, even our guests! We had a ball, ate lots of pink cake and most importantly we raised lots of money for Breast Cancer Research.