At Kegel8 we're constantly expanding our horizons, and last Friday we presented the Kegel8 range at the British Consulate in Barcelona to leading pharmacists, distributors and hospital directors. Kegel8 in Spain is looking to highlight the Pelvic Exercise message to Spanish Women and help them enjoy all the benefits of a strong pelvic floor.

Kegel8 in Spain helping Spanish Women to kegel exercise accurately and efficiently to stop incontinence. Heather, our European Brand Coordinator gave a presentation in Spanish to the audience, which was well-received by all concerned, then with colleague Ellie, Assistant Brand Manager, discussed the Kegel8 range with the invited delegates from all over the Catalonian region to highlight the benefits that a strong and healthy pelvic floor bring.

Kegel8 in Spain - Talking Pelvic Floor Exercise With Spanish Women

We are keen to spread the Kegel8 word to women all over Europe (and indeed all around the world!) and we hope that by presenting our fantastic products at UK Trade and Investment's offices at the British Consulate in Barcelona that we may be able to bring our range to even more women across the globe.

Since the launch at the British Embassy in Barcelona we are happy to say that Kegel8 in Spain is now available. As usual our helpline is here to help with all your pelvic floor problem queries.