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At Kegel8 we believe in the power of story sharing – These are some of the men and women brave enough to share their stories to remind you that you are not alone in this journey.

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Kegel8 Ambassador Caroline

Caroline's Story

So I guess the whole pelvic floor problem started about 10 years ago. During a regular visit for a pap test, the doctor told me I had the start of a prolapse. She said did I notice any symptoms. I didn’t. I think her comment at the time was, "they can surgically fix that now any way".

I didn’t think much more of it for a few years. Looking back, had I known about the kegel8 back then, had the doctor been able to suggest things I could do to stop the prolapse from getting worse, maybe the problem could have stopped at that level. The doctor did not even suggest doing kegels. Basically the problem was ignored. A couple of years later during another visit she mentioned it again. Did not suggest any treatment, but I did go home and start some research. I did find the weights that you can hold in the vagina that would increase the pelvic floor strength and bought them. I used them for a while, but it was really hard to know if it was making a difference.

About ten years ago as well, I tried to do skip class. I am a very fit 64 year old. I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, I coach an alpine racing team (I take the gates with the kids), coach a snowboard racing team (took up snowboarding 6 years ago) and run a ski club. I can ski 6 days in row, 6 hours a day with no issues at all. I am fit. But I could not do the skip class because of bladder leakage. It did not matter whether I emptied my bladder right before or not. I was fit, my pelvic floor was not.

I am very health conscious and am always listening to health news. The pelvic floor health issue had totally missed my radar. No one talks about it, no one mentions it. Looking back there were so many symptoms I missed. The tampon not staying in, less feeling during sex, leaking urine when skipping, the need to urinate right away because you couldn’t hold it. I so wished I had known then what I know now. Had I used the kegel8 then I could have cured those problems and maybe never had the prolapse that I eventually got.


Then about 5 years ago the prolapse moved to probably a level 3, there was now a bulging that could be felt. I honestly felt that if I didn’t put underwear on things would fall out. I restarted doing kegels, at the stop lights, on the toilet etc. Problem is that the prolapse was now being worked on 24/7 and the results were insignificant. That’s when I went on line thinking that there must be a better solution to this. I looked at the surgical options and the new meshes had so many law suits out there, I would never consider that. Apart from mesh there was really nothing. Even today I keep checking to see what is out there. Some new things are coming but I am waiting to see how successful they are. Then in my search I came across the Kegel8. I read every review I could find. Though expensive I thought it was worth a try. Best decision I ever made.

Within a week of using it you could tell the difference. I used it for two 20 minute cycles a day. I have used it daily, since getting it about 3 years ago. I have a shower and use it while watching television. The last probe that Stephanie sent me, the latest, the Glide Probe, is by far the best. It is very strong and comfortable since you can easily sit while using it. The prolapse was no longer thought about all day. No need for kegels at stop lights etc. All I had to do was the 40 minutes at the end of the day. That was the biggest change. It was a big relief that you were doing something that was working and it only took up a small portion of my day. I can now say that I have no problem with prolapse all day. When you take a shower there is a relaxation that occurs that makes it drop. Otherwise I have no issues all day. I can skip as much as I want and no leakage, sex is better, no immediate need to urinate any more.

I would like to think that the maintenance of the pelvic floor would be a topic that would come up more often in the media. I believe that if people knew they could prevent all of the problems mentioned above, they would want the Kegel8. Three of five friends I have dinner with, have a Kegel8. There is a huge market out there!!! It is easy to see the problem is there when you look at the things being marketed for leaky bladders.

Kegel8 Ambassador Sherryl

Sherryl's Story

At the age of 45 after giving birth to two children, a partial hysterectomy at 32, and a more than 20yr career as a nurse I started to realise something was wrong with my body. I was feeling pressure at the vaginal opening and experiencing back pain and after urination dribbles. The longer I was on my feet the worse it got. I went to my doctor who shocked me by saying I had a 2ND- 3rd degree bladder/ vaginal prolapse. I was horrified and terrified. I was told after my hysterectomy that I no longer needed pelvic exams and that was that. My GP explained that the lack of pelvic strength and muscle tone allowed my bladder to drop into the empty space where the uterus used to be. I was told I was quite young for this until you add the factors that I was lifting in my job and had no post op education on the importance of pelvic floor health. I immediately scheduled a repair surgery. I had the surgery that lifted my bladder but the urethral sling did not stop the dribbling and I knew I was still left with a weak pelvic floor.

The doc saying repeat surgery would likely be necessary in 5 yrs, I went on the internet determined this would not happen to me. I tried the kegels and just seemed to be unable to do it correctly. Another search led me to the Kegel8 website. I ordered it and had high hopes. Mean while I was allowed to resume sexual activity and my husband and I immediately realized when everything was lifted the REAL weakness was exposed. There was no pleasure. I thought our sex life was doomed. I received my Kegel8 Ultra 20 and immediately started. My husband was completely satisfied in just 3 weeks saying it all felt normal again, but I kept going. I did the full 12 week treatment trying 3 different probes and not only is my pelvic floor strong and the dribble gone, but I realize I could have avoided the whole surgery had I known about this product first.

I don't know why we turn a blind eye to this women's issue but this is an amazing tool for woman with a variety of issues and I am telling every woman I know about this, including one Co worker who had a hysterectomy right when I had my repair. She thanked me for telling her what her doc did not and said she was ordering one to use as soon as she could. Women all over the world need to know they do NOT have to wear depends or pads and accept it as getting older like TV and even doctors are telling us. You can absolutely take your pelvic health into your own hands. I just can't say enough about how this little machine has improved my life. I will NEVER let my pelvic health slide again. The program works and the maintenance is so simple. I recommend every woman have one of these.

Kegel8 Ambassador Alison

Alison's Story

I am 50 and have suffered from cystitis on and off for a number of years. On several occasions, the infection has got very bad very suddenly and because I haven't managed to get to a GP quickly enough for antibiotics (cranberry juice has NEVER worked for me), the cystitis has quickly turned into a urinary tract infection (UTI) and on two occasions lead to very nasty kidney infections. At the end of 2014, this is exactly what happened and I was off work for 5 weeks, was admitted to hospital twice and also had a cystoscopy. The consultant who saw me at this time could find no reason for my issues and was dismissive of my suggestion that I might be peri-menopausal. although the infection eventually went, I was left with a feeling like I had cystitis all the time and used to give myself a rating of 1-10 each day: 1 meaning I felt no cystitis symptoms and 10 meaning I was in pain and couldn't leave the house or go to work and I just managed the best I could. On a good day I was a 3. I made myself familiar with every toilet available to me on every journey I took but as my husband and I travel a lot, it became very tedious when we were away in other countries and made me both anxious and depressed.

In 2015, I was finally diagnosed as being peri-menopausal by my GP who after pointing me in the direction of the Menopause Matters website, made me realise I also had vaginal atrophy which she also later diagnosed. She was keen for me to either go on HRT or try a hormonal vaginal cream either or which she said would help with the vaginal atrophy which she felt was contributing to my cystitis. Also at this time, I started having severe vaginal pain during intercourse. I used a lubricant for the first time in my life (Yes! Yes! Yes!) which helped but still experienced some discomfort.

I had become resigned to the fact that on top of hot flushes, relentless PMS symptoms, insomnia, mood swings and weight gain, cystitis was just another condition to add to the list of menopausal symptoms. However, in April 2016, I came across Kegel8 quite by accident when reading an article in The Guardian newspaper's Saturday 'Family' section about a newly single middle aged woman going through the menopause who was having sex with new lovers and very briefly mentioned the Kegel8 helping her physically have sex. I had no idea what she was talking about but immediately Googled Kegel8 and it brought me to the official website. I was quite sceptical at first about it's merits, particularly given the cost but sent off for one and started using it in May. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and quite simply amazed at how much difference it made to my life. Firstly, with regular use, intercourse returned to how it was before I became peri-menopausal. Not only that (and I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not) but my orgasms have become more intense and longer. Secondly, while the cystitis has completely gone, I now have days when I have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. I also know that the more I use the Kegel8, the less likely I am to have the symptoms. In short, it has changed my life. I wish I had known about it years ago and I don't know why the consultant urologist wasn't aware of it either. I have recommended it to numerous people.

I hope this is not too detailed! But it really has made such a huge difference to my life that I am quite evangelical about it!