Kegel8 Trainer - A Pelvic Floor Revolution… Coming Soon to Kegel8!

The Kegel8 Trainer is our brand-new, state-of-the-art pelvic trainer unit designed for use by women of all ages. Unlike our other Kegel8 devices, it is not a muscle stimulation device, but rather guides you through your manual Kegel exercises to make sure you exercise the correct muscles at the correct level for you. It also features 'biofeedback' that means you can tell you are exercising the kegel muscles correctly and see how stong your squeeze is too!

The Kegel8 Trainer features two modes, Test and Train. In Test mode, the Kegel8 trainer asks you to squeeze against the probe five times, and from this, gauges your level on what's known as the Squeeze Scale, and then guides you through the appropriate exercises for your level in Train mode.

The Squeeze Scale is a unique feature on the Kegel8 Trainer and is a great way to see how your pelvic floor exercisesare progressing. If your Squeeze Scale is low, the Kegel8 trainer will guide you through a range of exercises tailored to your level and you'll quickly be able to see your Squeeze Scale level climbing as your pelvic floor muscles become stronger! The Squeeze Scale ranges from 1-9, the average being about 5 so there is always something higher to aim for, even if you think you're a Kegel pro!

The Kegel8 Trainer comes with a special inflatable probe. You insert the probe and then the machine guides you through inflating it to a comfortable level. It even warns you if you've over-inflated it, so that you can get your exercises just right. You then squeeze against the probe with your pelvic floor muscles for super-effective Kegel exercises that work the correct muscles, every time. With simple manual Kegel exercises, it's so easy to clench the wrong muscles, but with the Kegel8 Trainer you will get it right every time.

The Kegel8 Trainer features voice-prompt commands so that you know when to squeeze and lift your Kegel muscles and when to relax the muscles, because when Kegel exercising, the relax phases are just as important as the tighten phases. Like any other muscle, the pelvic floor needs the relax phases to recover and to give you the very best results when exercising. One Kegel exercise session takes just 10 minutes - time well spent indeed!

Kegel8 Trainer exercises in Train Mode work both the 'fast twitch' and 'slow twitch' muscle fibres in your pelvic floor. The fast twitch fibres work quickly to hold in urine when you sneeze, jump, cough etc and the slow twitch fibres work constantly to support your pelvic organs. Kegel8 Trainer's exercises offer different tighten and relax patterns to ensure that you work both of the different types of muscle fibres to give you the very best results.

The Kegel8 Trainer is a simple and effective way to ensure that you're exercising correctly and at the right level for you. With voice prompts and on-screen instructions it's user friendly and an ideal way for women of all ages to strengthen their pelvic floor. Whether you're a younger women wanting to prepare your body for pregnancy, a women with stress incontinence wanting to avoid leaks or whether you just want to strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent future problems, avoid incontinence and stay tight for life, the Kegel8 Trainer is perfect for you.

Keep an eye out for the Kegel8 Trainer, coming mid-December - a revolution in Kegel exercise.

What's your Squeeze Scale?