Today's pelvic floor top tip comes from Jenni Russell, author of Pelvic Floor Secrets and is a great overview of why looking after your pelvic floor is just so important... you've just got to think about your body as being like a house. Intrigued?

Top Pelvic Tip from Jenni Russell #PelvicMafia

It is time every woman had the confidence to laugh, skip, jump and enjoy intimacy without pain or embarrassment. Since your confidence can be directly affected by the efficiency and strength of your pelvic floor, it is time the information, education and application was readily available to everybody. Pelvic Floor Secrets is more than just a complete reference book. It is a workshop series and Personal Tailored Programmes.

If you build a house with more than one layer, the ceiling of the ground floor is the floor of the level above and it must be strong enough to withstand whatever you place on it and how you move across it – bounding, jumping, walking and skipping. Your pelvic floor is no different: It is the floor that has to manage the load resting on and above it. Core training is finally catching up and realising that the pelvic floor must be considered. It is important to awaken your pelvic floor and then begin to strengthen it and integrate it into all exercise and movement. There are many products that promise you a stronger pelvic floor but if you do not reconnect the brain – your most efficient and effective computer, with the pelvic floor first as well as the diaphragm, transverse and multifidus then it is like a building without walls, trying to keep the ceiling and contents from falling onto and through the floor.

Pelvic Floor Secrets is the complete reference guide, educating and giving you the opportunity to ask your doctor, midwife or healthcare professional the relevant questions for the desired outcome.. Protect against the debilitation's of your pelvic floor and enjoy the rewards:

  • Flatter abs
  • Better shape thighs and buttocks
  • Improved posture
  • Dry knickers always and
  • Better Sex

Which one would you NOT want?

Jenni Russell Biography

Jenni Russell has been specialising in pelvic floor health since 1996 and sees private clients at the UK’s only dedicated pelvic floor clinic at 1 Harley Street, London W1. She is committed to helping women achieve pelvic floor health without surgery or medication.

She is CHEK certified: Holistic Health, Lifestyle (Level 1) and Exercise Coach with over 20 years of personal training experience, specialising in pelvic floor health since 1996.

Jenni’s first book, “Can a Vagina Really Buy a Mercedes?” (2005) was featured on ITV’s This Morning and in The News of the World Sunday Magazine.

Jenni speaks on the topic throughout the UK and is a regular contributor to local radio, with BBC London presenter Vanessa Feltz describing her as having an “Obama-like quality.”

She is a seasoned athlete, and has been crowned “Britain’s Fittest Woman” after winning the British Ultrafit Championship three times in 1995, 1998 and 2000 and is the record holder in the event. In 2000, Jenni took part in the Channel 5 game show The Desert Forges a gruelling challenge of endurance tests set in the scorching Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, and emerged the winner. She has also run both the London and New York marathons and continues to raise money for charity.