I was catching up on Blogs from Pelvic Floor Gurus around the world and something Aussie Physio Sue Croft recounted struck a chord with me.  Whilst attending the IUGA (International Urogynaecologists Association) conference she heard  one of the speakers say that Grade 2 Vaginal prolapse should be considered 'normal' in any woman who had had two vaginal deliveries.

Crikey, when I got over the shock of the 'normalising of prolapse' it was reassured by Sues point of view  - her no-nonsense approach is one that all women should follow.

'The good thing about that statement is many women get very anxious when discovering they have prolapse and feel they are 'damaged' and must get urgent surgery to 'fix things up'. But maybe what they need to do is be very pro-active with prolapse prevention strategies, brace with increased intra-abdominal pressure, regular pelvic floor exercises, use the new position for emptying your bowels and defecation dynamics, avoid lifting heavy weights, avoid straining at stool and no sit-ups curl-ups and crunches.'

Prolapse is not 'normal' - there are things that can help. Kegel8 has the solution.

Sue Croft is the author of Pelvic Floor Recovery - A Physiotherapy Guide for Gynaecological Repair Surgery available here in the UK at StressNoMore.co.uk