Protective underwear? What is that, you ask?

Let us introduce you to Dear Kate, sophisticated, stylish protective underwear with patent-pending fabric to keep you confident while you get into the habit of using your Kegel8 and strengthen your pelvic floor.

You have bought your Kegel8 pelvic toner ready to tone up and be rid of those little leaks. You have chosen a fabulous nickel-free, gold probe especially designed to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles at the best angle (our gold probes are made using a gold plated nickel-free process ensuring they are suitable for those with nickel allergies). But you have yoga tonight, and there is your cousin’s wedding next week; the thought of standing up and sitting down in the church already filling you with dread…

It’s great you have started on your journey for a strong pelvic floor, and the Kegel8 team will be here to support you the entire way. However, we understand there is no such thing as an overnight miracle machine! Many women feel the difference after using their Kegel8 electronic pelvic toner in as little as 12 weeks. A strong pelvic floor will help reduce the risk of prolapse, stop those embarrassing little leaks, erase pelvic pain and give you a flatter tummy!

But what about the limbo period - the time it takes to strengthen your weakened pelvic floor muscles? Time for Dear Kates protective underwear to fly in and save the day!

No matter what daring deeds or dashing about you have planned, the Dear Kate range of protective underwear will keep you covered. Full of style and inspired by female role models, Dear Kates have been made for women, by women. Made from layers of leak-resistant, stain repelling and silky-soft cotton fabric, the Dear Kate range is perfect for every woman’s underwear drawer.

Try the Dear Kate Amelia Hipster Full Lining Brief on for size; named after Amelia Earheart, the first female pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean. Just like Amelia’s determination and unstoppable courage got her through the daunting challenge, the Dear Kate range of protective underwear will get you through the limbo and beyond, into a life of confidence and a strong pelvic floor.

Bonus Points

The Dear Kate range is available at Don’t forget, you can use your Kegel8 loyalty points at StressNoMore too!