One More Reason To Quit Smoking: Freedom From Pelvic Problems!

One More Reason To Quit Smoking: Freedom From Pelvic Problems!
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There aren't many things you can do that are worse for your health than smoking. From coughing and bad breath to lung cancer, it's all bad news! One downside many people don't know about is the increased risk of pelvic floor disorders.

Every time you cough your pelvic floor gets strained; if you have a chronic smoker's cough then this can eventually lead to incontinence and prolapse! Use our tips to help you quit.

10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

Here are some more benefits of stopping smoking:

  1. Lung capacity will improve by 10%, making breathing and exercising easier
  2. Better blood circulation will give you an energy boost
  3. Smoking only ‘relieves’ stress because it’s relieving nicotine withdrawal; non-smokers are actually less stressed
  4. Better blood flow means better sex!
  5. Your fertility is damaged by smoking; quitting makes it easier to conceive
  6. Taste and smell improve, making food taste better
  7. You skin will get better; smoking prematurely ages the skin
  8. No more stained teeth and bad breath!
  9. If you quit by 30 and you’ll add 10 years to your life; by 60 and you'll add 3 years
  10. Protect your family; children in smoking homes have increased risk of illness and cancer

5 Top Tips for Quitting Smoking

  1. Give yourself a date to stop by and stick to it
  2. Change your routines to avoid triggers
  3. Your local stop smoking service can make you 4 times more likely to quit
  4. Make a list of reasons to quit and look at it during cravings
  5. Exercise just for a few minutes creates anti-craving chemicals in your brain

Get Your Strong Pelvic Floor Back with Kegel8

Now that you’ve decided to quit smoking, what else can you do to reverse the damage you’ve done to your pelvic floor? A Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner will help you get back on track in 12 weeks or less! Kegels are the best way to strengthen your pelvic floor and free yourself from incontinence. A Kegel8 will make your Kegels 50% more effective, ensuring that your recovery from pelvic problems is quick and easy. Reverse the negative effects of smoking with Kegel8!


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3 March 2017
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