At the end of last week, our fabulous Kegel8 Trainer was featured in the Daily Mail, alongside a statistic regarding the effect that weight loss has on the pelvic floor. Find out here what difference a mere 10% weight loss can make...

Weight Loss For The Pelvic Floor - Advice from Consultant Urogynaecologist Mark Slack

Last week's Daily Mail article about our fabulous Kegel8 Trainer featured advice from Consultant Urogynaecologist Mark Slack, of Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, and we were all astounded in the Kegel8 office.

We've said for a long time that carrying excess weight puts extra pressure on the pelvic floor but it was this shock statistic from Dr Slack that really made us think:

"Weight loss improves muscle strength, because fat infiltrates muscle and weakens it. A 10% weight loss creates 50% improvement."

If you are carrying a little excess weight, losing just 10% of your body weight can improve your pelvic floor muscle strength by 50% - that's a huge benefit for just a small weight loss. To put it in perspective, if you weigh 11 and a half stones (that's 73kg), a 10% weight loss is just 1 stone 2 pounds (or 7.3kg).

Losing 10% of your body weight isn't just beneficial for your pelvic floor, it can also help your heart, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your energy too.