Every day, we get questions from customers describing their pelvic floor problems and asking how the Kegel8 can help them overcome these problems.

As well as using a Kegel8 pelvic toner, there are a few simple lifestyle changes that can really help you to overcome those embarrassing leaks and a lack-lustre love-life.

What Else Can I Do To Help My Pelvic Floor?

As well as exercising with a Kegel8 pelvic toner, follow these few simple tips to really get the best from your pelvic floor exercise:

  • Posture: good posture can really help your pelvic floor. It’s as simple as BBC – Bum at the Back of the Chair! By correcting your posture, this can really help to take the extra weight and excess pressure off your pelvic floor, which, over time can lead to pelvic floor weakness and even prolapse. Walk tall, and sit with your bum at the back of the chair – it’s easy!

(For the clinical evidence click here to see our blog).

  • Vitamin D3: it’s clinically proven that Vitamin D3 helps your pelvic floor. A recent clinical study found that 23% of the women surveyed that had low Vitamin D3 levels reported at least one pelvic floor disorder regardless of their age! Vitamin D3 can also help with period pains, diet and weight loss, and it’s especially important to take a good supplement (such as SunVit-D3 available at Kegel8) at this time of year when there’s less sunlight so our bodies can’t make as much Vitamin D.

(See the clinical evidence here in our blog).

  • Watch Your Weight: Excess weight puts extra pressure on your pelvic floor that it’s just not designed to carry. Over time, excess weight can weaken your pelvic floor and even lead to prolapse. In a Kegel8 review in The Daily Mail, Dr Mark Slack, Consultant Urogynaecologist from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge says that fat can infiltrate muscle, weakening it, and a 10% weight loss reduces muscle weakness by as much as 50%!

(See the full article here in our blog).

  • Constipation: Constipation is really bad for the pelvic floor and straining to go to the toilet puts a lot of extra pressure on those muscles which is something you really want to avoid if you suffer from incontinence or prolapse. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water (at least 2 litres per day) and try using a Squatty Potty (available from our friends at StressNoMore.co.uk) – squatting instead of sitting makes it so much easier to ‘go’.

(Learn more here in our blog).

These simple changes can really add up to a huge difference for you and your pelvic floor, and when these changes are made alongside using your Kegel8 pelvic toner, you’ll soon notice a difference! Don’t forget that if you need any more help or advice for getting the best from your Kegel8, or want to know which Kegel8 is best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or call our Kegel8 advisors on 01482 496932.