It’s 10 weeks until Christmas and if you’re following our Kegel8 12 weeks to Christmas exercise countdown, you’ll be 2 weeks into your exercises and your muscles and nerves will already be thanking you.

This week, we’re featuring some amazing comments from previous Kegel8 users just like you to motivate you to carry on exercising. Once upon a time, these ladies were in the same boat as you, but thanks to Kegel8, they’ve got happy and healthy from the inside out.

10 Weeks To Christmas – Kegel8’s Countdown To A Leak-Free & Gorgeous Christmas

It’s fantastic that you’ve been exercising for two weeks already – you may be starting to notice slight differences and improvements or you may not. Different people’s muscles recover at different rates, but keep going with your exercises! The pelvic floor is like any other muscle in the body and it takes time to get strong, but the results are definitely worth it.

This week, we’re featuring some amazing comments from previous Kegel8 users to motivate you to continue with your exercises and help you along the way.

RunningMumOf2 – Suffered from stress incontinence

“I have had stress incontinence for years after a forceps delivery and another natural birth. I've been running with a pad for years and was embarrassed by the leaks. Superb service - just make sure to insert the probe do that the metal parts are facing your hips as it doesn't mention that in the booklet. Within a few days I was on P4 90mA & doing 60mins per day. 3 weeks in and I am telling every woman I know about it!!! I am amazed - I can contract very well on my own too and I have pretty much eradicated leakage and am feeling very very confident about the future 'down there'".

Helga – Suffered prolapse and incontinence

“I bought the Kegel8 Ultra after a doctors visit, he was recommending surgery sometime down the line for my prolapse, stress and urge incontinence. That was 6 months ago. Today I have none of those problems anymore and my doctor is just amazed. It is amazing.

AnnieB – Suffered lack of intimate sensation

“I suppose losing sensation happens gradually what with children, working and a bit of excess weight, so when I went to weight watchers at the beginning of this year I was determined to get all of me back in shape, I am feeling better about myself, my Hubby is in love with me again (well he never stopped but it does help to get close again) and we feel like a couple of teenagers.”

If Kegel8 can work for these ladies then it can work for you too!

Keep going – the only way is up!