Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner

Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner

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  • Electronic pelvic toner strengthens weak pelvic floor muscles automatically with targeted precise exercises
  • Easy to use Kegel8 gives you results within weeks.
  • Effectively exercises your weak pelvic floor muscles when you struggle to do so, combatting leaks, poor sensation, looseness and pelvic pain..
  • Clinically based pre-set programmes take the guess work out of kegels and deliver effective results in weeks.
  • Programmes for incontinence, pelvic strengthening, pain and postpartum give you the treatment you need

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Tight and Tone automatically with e-stim.

Targets weak muscles automatically, ideal for:

Pelvic floor strengthening


Better sexual sensation


Leaks & sensitive bladders


What our customers say about the Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner

Several months ago I suffered a prolapse after overdoing an excercise class. I purchased a toner from Boots but it only worked for one month so I ordered a Kegel. It was much better and worth the extra money. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with my problem.


This product is very simple to use -push in, turn on, turn up! The stimulous is quite comfortable. I needed to change the probe supplied for a slimmer one which perhaps doesn't sit as well as the original and can be prickly at times. I would suggest starting with a low current and turning up gradually over time as you get used to the feel, until it causes tightening of thw muscles. It is going to take a while to get my muscles toned . The service provided by the company is excellent. I booked a phone call before buying - this is how i arranged to change the probe. The operator was very helpful.


I've been using this product for 5 days. It took alot to justify to myself that spending the money was the right choice. I wasn't expecting a change over night. In 2 days there was a difference I could hold my bladder and it felt amazing to be in control again. Now after five days my pads are dry and I even ran for the bus and nothing leaked. I am so pleased that I found this product and have recommended it to a number of friends.


Since having my daughter many years ago (she was a big baby),I've been suffering with leaking since and a lack luster sex life I finally decided enough is enough and I purchased.i have been using for almost 2 weeks now and I have already noticed a massive improvement I couldn't quite believe how quick I've noticed results.will continue to use cant wait to be back to my old self down there.


Just amazing!! I no longer wake up during the night for toileting and no longer have the leakage when I stand up. It's changed my life entirely!!


How it works

  • Week 1

    With your sessions your toner will help you find your pelvic floor muscles

  • Week 4

    You'll start to feel a real difference. More control, less leaks, more confidence

  • Week 12

    Your pelvic floor is strong and you're living life without leaks and sudden urges!

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Rating
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    Tighter :-)
    Review by 21 YEAR OLD
    I bought it as I wasn't tight and sex didn't feel great for me... So 4 weeks in I definitely feel tighter(love it) my fella says I am well tighter.. he is probably benefiting more than me though as I was expecting sex to feel a lot better and it just feels the same as before I used my kegel :-/
    I only bought this for the tightness and feeling so I cant comment on anything else but yeah I am sooo much tighter

    I am going to wait until I have done the full 12 weeks and review again on the sensation for me
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Fantastic Product
    Review by Angela
    I've been doing professional ballet classes for the past 10 years after a 15 year break, so I have very strong stomach muscles. However even ensuring I didn't have anything to drink a couple of hours before classes and emptying my bladder I still had to wear a pad due to 'leakages. In the mornings when I woke up in the morning and had to empty my bladder...well let's just say it wasn't always pretty! I bought kegel 8 six months ago and used religiously every night. After the 1st week I could then ramp it up to the max setting for 20 mins as prior to that it made my toes curl! Now, no more pads in ballet, never having to stop in the street and 'brace' if I was about to sneeze to stop wetting my pants. I wish this had been on the market years ago. It's fantastic and it works. I've recommended to friends and sisters who've suffered since childbirth. You DO have to keep using it though. As the saying goes...Use it or lose it! I even joined my nieces on a trampoline last month....a year ago that would never have happened as I 'd know the consequences. The best £100 ever spent and thank you Kegel.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Review by Con
    This is a god send! I'm a 34 yr old woman with two children ages 4 and 5. I was experiencing neck pain and had noticed that my pelvic floor had really weakened since giving birth and no matter what exercise I did I count get that 'tight' feeling back. But the overall reason of purchase was sexual. I began to feel very insecure about how weak my muscles had got. I’m in the sports/medical field and was a little sceptical at first but I said I'd give it a go.. I saw results in the first 7 days. To say I'm delighted is an understatement an all around improvement and the neck is improving too
    Product Rating
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    4th Review
    Review by Sam
    I am nearly 10 weeks in and am now using the Perisize probe for the last week. This does seem to make a big difference. I can feel the strength of the contractions much more and I have found I can't always turn the machine up to 90 like I could before. The only criticism I have is that this probe is not as comfortable to use as the other one ( it pinches sometimes !) but it does stay in place much better when I am walking around. Frankly, for the difference that this device has made to my life a little discomfort is nothing.
    I can now walk to and from work without leaks and can go without pads completely on most days at work. I have achieved this with Prog 3 mainly as it seems to be the one that has the most effect. When I get to 12 weeks what would happen if I just carried on with Prog 3? What would be the advantage of 8 or 9? Thanks for all your support. Sam

    Dear Sam,
    Great news, thank you for sharing your success. As a pointer may I suggest when you remove the perisize probe only use one side, otherwise it can pinch as you so rightly state, removing by holding only one side only will prevent any possible discomfort. After your 12 weeks, I would advise that you make sure you keep on with your Prog 3 because you have found it effective, once or twice a week. It is necessary to maintain the good work and strengthening that you have achieved so far because the pelvic floor muscles are 'use it or lose it' so if you don't exercise them, they will weaken again. We liken kegel exercises to teeth cleaning - if we stop brushing our teeth deteriorate (sadly our pelvic floors get ignored because we can't see them!). It would be great if you can introduce Prog 8 too - this is an overall workout and as there are many different muscles within the pelvic floor this helps to work a greater number - it all has a cumulative effect that will help to continue to strengthen and support your pelvic organs, keeping you in control of your bladder.
    Thank you for sharing your feedback Sam - it is a great support to us here at Kegel8 and especially for other women who are maybe suffering just like you were. We can regain strength and control without surgery or medication and it is up to us to tell others!
    Thank you!.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Amazed with the difference
    Review by Mrs U
    Amazed with the difference. It took about 2 weeks for the results to show, or rather for me to notice that I wasn't leaking when I sneeze (awful at this time of year with hay fever) but I am significantly better. Thanks to for this info I have started to use techniques when I cough and sneeze to support my bladder to prevent further weakening. I use the comfort probe, that suits me best.
    I recommend this to all my friends because it does work and has been a great help to me. thank you!
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    God send
    Review by Little miss
    Iv had my machine for 3 year now. I bought it after my second child as he was a big baby and as i called it at the time "he ruined me" haha. Anyway after just 10 weeks of using this machine and also lots of manual keegals my partners words to me were "your the tightest you'v ever been". Iv now just dug my machine out again as iv just had another baby and i can't wait for my results again in 10 week :) Can i just add also that the feeling's down there improved aswell to more than i naturally had before. For any woman that says anything bad about this machine, they cannot possibly be using this machine intensely like you need to. Seriously is it so hard to lie on your back an hour a day watching tv in bed . ? Then after the intense period its even less effort as you only need to use the machine every now and again. it really is worth it.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Review by tug
    my problem was that I cant feel anything during sex. I want to ask: does the probe used really matter? which probe would you recommend me to use? which probe is the strongest and most effective ?
    (I am 21yrs old:)

    Kegel8 Reply: Dear Tug, thank you for your question. Probes are often a personal choice and what one lady prefers is different to what another lady prefers. Our strongest probe is the Perisize probe as this plugs into both channels of your machine and has gold plated electrodes to transfer the current to your muscles more effectively. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Fiona@Kegel8
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    need help
    Review by tug
    I'm 22yrs old. I became pregnant with a 3 month gap between first and second baby. its been a year and a half since given birth. but my problem is; I cant feel anything during sex. I cant feel my vagina. I don't say anything to my husband. I like sex I want it but when it comes to feeling I cant feel anything. my vagina feels loose.

    to be honest I didn't use the product properly because off business. I used it for a good 2 or 3 weeks.until period started, i stopped and couldn't start after my period finished. can you please tell me for how long will I need to use kegel 8?
    does it really work?

    Kegel8 Reply: Dear Tug, thank you for your review. We recommend that for best results you exercise daily for 12 weeks (of course you can stop during your period if you don't feel comfortable using the device at this time of the month). Then once you have achieved results that you are happy with then you can reduce your exercises to 2-3 times a week to maintain your results - like any other muscle, the pelvic floor needs to be exercised regularly to keep it strong and healthy. If you need any help with your device, please don't hesitate to email or phone us on 01482 496932. Best wishes, Heather@Kegel8
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Review by Brennie
    Very disappointed, I purchase the KEgal8 plus the persize, at first very good, had a 2 week break, systems came back don't bother with it now £150 worse off,
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    A great help
    Review by Sarah
    After my two sons age 17 and 9 years i experienced quite bad incontinence , i have basically solved this problem , by using this toner on a regular basis . I went on holiday for a week and iwas worried i might have an accident so i upped my use to twice a day a fortnight before our hols . It worked no problems at all i couldnt take it with me and use it but in any case i ddnt need it . I havent used it for about 3 weeks now so i am starting again so just to reinterate you really do need to make an concentrated effort to use the machine every day which i will do to begin with . Once i have tighten up i will use 2 - 3 times a week just to keep everything tight .
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    Frequently asked questions

    How soon after having a baby can I start exercising with e-stim?

    It’s not just natural childbirth that takes it out of your pelvic floor, mums who deliver by caesarean suffer too. As soon as you have had your final check up at around the 12 weeks mark you can start. If you are suffering with leaks, we’d recommend you try a stress incontinence programme. The Tight & Tone is preset with clinical programmes so you can concentrate on getting you back to normal in no time at all. 

    I’m not sure I can justify the money on myself – why should I?

    If you are using panty liners and pads for leaks on average you’ll be spending a whopping £422 per year. However money is only part of the story – your pelvic floor is your body’s shock absorber, so look after it and keep it strong so you control your bladder, bowels and you and your partner have a satisfying love life. Another key thing that is measured is ‘quality of life’. If your pelvic floor is underperforming and letting you down it will affect your quality of life and you wont be happy about it. Try the Tight and Tone for 6 weeks and you’ll notice a difference – we guarantee it!

    Pelvic floor exercises just don’t work for me.

    You might have tried independent pelvic floor exercises, that’s where you do the work. Sadly 30% of women do their independent Kegel exercises incorrectly; some push downwards, which, rather than strengthening can cause damage. Using e-stim is easy, the machine is pre-set, you just need 20 minutes to relax and let it do the work by targeting the muscles correctly, and even if they are weak and you can’t feel a thing – they will resuscitate them.

    Every journey starts with a step – this is your chance to feel better about your body and get strong and regain control.

    My bladder is ruling my life, can this help me.

    It happens to many of us, we reduce the amount of liquids we drink; we start to wear pads for leaks and suffer accidents before reaching the toilet become commonplace. Why do we put up with this when there is a solution to the problem?  

    So many Kegel8 users will say ‘I wish I had found this sooner!’ They have put up with, in some cases for years - leaks, accidents and embarrassment. Don’t just ‘put up with it’ because 1 in 10 women suffering leaks will go onto have bowel leaks too. Regaining control is so empowering, Kegel8 is with you every step of the way.

    Can I use the Kegel8 Tight & Tone with an IUD or Mirena Coil?

    Yes! An IUD inserted in the uterus is a highly effective form of birth control. Mirena, Skyla, Liletta, and Kyleena are T Shaped plastic IUD’s and the non-hormonal copper coil ParaGard T-380A can all be used safely when using any of our medical grade pelvic toners, including the Kegel8 Tight & Tone.

    I bought another pelvic device, and it didn’t work, why is this one different?

    We understand, and for 20 years we have taken the guesswork out of home treatment and learned a thing or two. We like to think we do a great job because we offer a no-quibble 90-day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you’re not stronger, we’ve not done our job!

    We also offer a £50 Trade in Service – with £50 off a Kegel8 Tight & Tone – so come to Kegel8 and get strong NOW! 

    My pelvic floor is weak, and I can’t feel anything, how will this help?

    Even on very weak muscles that have lost sensation there is hope! The internal probe is inserted right at the heart of the problem (the pelvic muscle bed). Using e-stim the impulses stimulate the growth of thicker and stronger nerves and fibres, improving blood flow, nerve sensitivity, lubrication, and reactivity.
    This is a Class IIa medical device made here in the UK the certification ensures you can be sure we follow proven clinical successes, and our claims and devices are annually check for quality and efficacy.