It’s 7 weeks to Christmas and if you’ve been following our Kegel8 12 Week Christmas Countdown you will have been exercising for 5 weeks, and you should now start to feel a difference in your pelvic floor – maybe less laughter leaks, or maybe your partner has noticed a difference?

7 Weeks To Christmas – Another Reason To Exercise Your Pelvic Floor

As well as waving goodbye to those embarrassing leaks and getting stronger and healthier from the inside out, a strong pelvic floor is also a vital part of a fulfilling love life.

There’s a direct link between the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and the strength of your orgasms. What’s more, a really common problem that we hear from ladies who call us every day is a general lack of intimate sensation. This is especially common for ladies who have given birth, and even more so in ladies who have had difficult childbirths or forceps deliveries. This lack of sensation is caused by nerve damage – but don’t panic, something can be done about it.

As you use your Kegel8 electronic pelvic toner, it stimulates those nerve endings in your most intimate areas, meaning that those damaged nerves can be repaired and you can gain sensation back.

It’s not an overnight cure – so persevere, and both you and your partner will notice a difference!

Keep on Kegel8ing, you’re almost half way there!